FrSky QX7 Dual 18650 LiIon Case Holder Sled

by SnappyFPV Mar 21, 2017
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qx7 has no internal charger - and no it qouldnt work cause off different battery Technology.

Can I use the internal charger of the QX7 with that setup?

If you search around you can pretty easily find a 8.4v charger and a mountable charger port. It’s a dead simple mod.

This seems to be designed for protected cells. And they are actually longer than regular 18650 cells. Has anyone used the unprotected cells in this holder? I already have some unprotected cells and don't want to buy more since the longer ones don't fit anything i now have.

You can used unprotected (not advised) you'll just need to stretch your battery springs longer or used 4 springs instead of 2 springs and 2 buttons.

Great design! Printed perfect and dropped right it. Only thing is my connector on the q7 is pointing upwards so the opening you have at the bottom should have been up towards top, but I used yours anyway and just bent the wires.
Can you charge these thru the jst, with the other connector attached to the radio? Power wont hurt the radio?
I assume you can and would have noted it otherwise, thanks

Awesome, i love the 2 spring setup, i just used the ones from the original battery tray as i wasnt going to use it again anyway. Top job, love it.

So you have to use 2 springs in order to fit right? Any way to have a new version with one side being the spring and the other being the metal that the positive side usually goes to? Thanks

you can use also the metal part... but in my experience it is more secure with 2 springs ... never lose contact also in drop or so ... had this with metal on one side

Is there a way to get a version that's shorter? If it wasn't as long I wouldn't need to use 2 springs... with 1 spring and 1 metal side it's too loose... My worry is that by using 2 springs I might put it the wrong way when putting it back after recharging.... By having 1 side always being a spring I know exactly which side is the positive and which side is the negative

Will the standard battery door still fit over this sled?Thnx.

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