Center Finder For Edges Set

by TikiLuke Mar 23, 2017
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Hmm looks like a pure copy from what I can tell.

Comments deleted.

Just found this and I like it! The only suggestion I have is can you add a central tube for a pencil to rest in so you don't have to fiddle with holding it and can just mark the center line?

My boss is starting a new hobby of woodworking so I thought I'd make these for him. My life is in your hands, dude.

i just made my own, thanks man for sharing with us!

Such a clever idea, love it.

Very nice looking design. The base layout is not very FDM printer friendly though, because there are a lot of small holes to draw on the first layer, and if one of them comes off the print is over. I have no bright idea on how to improve this right now, though. I'll be back once I have one :-)

print with a brim to fix this problem

centimeters or inches?

It's the length in inches. 1.5", 2.25" Etc.

This seems to be a parametric design that you exported for a number of different sizes.
Could you please also post the original CAD file?

I know I'm late to the party, but I needed a custom size so I whipped up a copy of these in OpenSCAD. The scad file is there so you can tweak the design if you'd like.


Parametric Center Finder For Edges

These are perfect! Easy to print and work great. Thank you.

what does the filename numbers indicate : cm, mm etc?

It's the length in inches. 1.5", 2.25" Etc.

Good idea, well done.

which one is the first picture?

I think its the 2.25" one.

brilliant! I can definitely use this!