Heatbed spring replacement silicone mould / mold Anet A8

by Offi1903 Mar 23, 2017
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I bought these from a ebay seller from Germany called Landwehr3d

Well it was not me :)
I´m wondering, if it is allowed to sell things that come under public licence. Landwehr 3d is the second one to sell my modified work. The first one was so insolent to even put my own picture into his shopping website.
Is there a lawyer in here ?

Hi, seems to be a great improvement for the heatbed. Would it be possible to use cheap silicone for bathrooms (the stuff that smells like vinegar) mixed with starch to allow hardening? (The well known sugru replacement)

Hey, greasemonkey089,
sorry but i dont know. Sanitary silicone can stand temperatures from -50 to 150 degrees celcius. It could work, but i´m sorry i really don´t know. Let me know if you tried and it worked.

Good luck

Thanks for your reply,
it totally worked! I didn't use the starch mixture but i used a different recipy instead, where the silicone is a lot more flexible while pressing it into the form:


In the morning, the silicone has fully solified as expected. Nothing was sticking to the form (which i have soaked in water before filling) and the 'heatbed springs' came out very well but not perfect. Pictures will follow in a 'Made'-Post.

Know anywhere to get these made in US or the silicone?

No, i´m sorry. Maybe in silicone valley (sorry, i had to do that) :-D
No offense meant! But i produced some of them for others. I think the problem´s the shipping, isn´t it?

Yeah, I found some silicone mix on Amazon for $25 shipped. It looks similar to the TrollFactory except it only goes up to 205C (which should be fine) compared to 400C of TrollFactory. There is a company that sells these made already for 5 Euro but shipping will be just as much as making multiple of them myself.


Thanks for the design. Could you please precise how much silicone I should prepare for these dampers?

Thanks in advance!


You need 2,6 cl of silicone. That means 1,3cl of both components. I attached another picture in which you can see how i use a plastic shot glass to mix the two components.

Thanks a lot for the feedback. Silicone is ordered, just waiting delivery now ;-)...

Made this for 2 printers, leveling is easy and seams to be more stable than the springs, so far.

Thank you for making and sharing.

HOLY SHIT, YOU ARE A GOD. Now I need these for my maker select v2.1

How do you level your bed now?

As Jshock75 said, i´m levelling the ordinary way :)

I'd imagine he's leveling the same way, just using the silicone as a resist instead of the springs.

Yep, but in my opinion it is much more comfortable :)