Titan Aero Prusa i3 MK2 Mount

by bobblejot Mar 24, 2017
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Link to the carriage please?

its the original?

Hi the carriage in the picture is a different one to the original that i have never actually gotten around to uploading. The mount should fit fine on the original carriage though.

Hi Bobblejot, Did you ever upload the carriage? Looking to throw this on a i3 Clone and the X Carriage is different. I havent been able to find one that looks like it would mount up right.

thx for reply. Different in what? Can you upload? xDD

can i do the firmware changes through the terminal in Octoprint by just copy/paste the commands?

hey brothers i have problems with the firmware on my prusa mk2s... i try modify the values and after that i apply verificate and export binarys ... but when i update with de prusa software the Firmware.ino.hex .......... my prusa dont respond .. my display is in blank and the prusa software show me the next message :
someone can help and tell me what is my wrong step?

avrdude.exe: AVR device initialized and ready to accept instructions Reading | ################################################## | 100% -0.00s avrdude.exe: Device signature = 0x1e9801 (probably m2560) avrdude.exe: reading input file "./fw.hex" avrdude.exe: input file ./fw.hex auto detected as Intel Hex avrdude.exe: writing flash (251072 bytes): Writing | ################################################## | 100% 42.72s avrdude.exe: 251072 bytes of flash written avrdude.exe: verifying flash memory against ./fw.hex: avrdude.exe: load data flash data from input file ./fw.hex: avrdude.exe: error opening ./fw.hex: No such file or directory avrdude.exe: can't determine file format for ./fw.hex, specify explicitly avrdude.exe: read from file './fw.hex' failed avrdude.exe done. Thank you.

HI buddy !! i need help...

i change the values on the firmware.ino i cant export to .HEX ..... and i try export and upload the file with changes to my prusa mk2s but i cant...
some could help me with this?

ok, silly question, what fan do I need for the duct? I cannot seem to find a size spec anywhere. Thanks!!

hi its just a standard 50mm blower as on the Prusa i3 MK2 and others normally just called a 5015 and can be found on ebay and amazon easily enough, i hope that helps.

OK, I thought that's what it was, but was not 100% sure. Thanks for clearing that up for me!!!

Any way to mount 2x Noctua 40mm fans with the design? They are very silent, light and have an impressive airflow.

Hi do you have a link to the type you are thinking about and i can maybe have a look.

What carriage mount is that with the clamps?... been trying to find one that will work with polymer LM8UU that are 1mm wider than standard

Hi the carriage was designed to work for standard LM8UU bearings or Igus RJ4JP bushes. It may also work for the Igus RJM-01-08 bushes that are 16mm diameter but i haven't checked this.

Oh too bad... guess I'll have to keep looking for a nice x-carriage that'll fit these 16mm OD bearings... if I ever want to use them... or eventually tweak a design to make them fit.... tho my 3d modeling skills are rather limited... and def trust other's more than my own.

Thanks I reversed the plug. Now I'm just fine tuning. Thanks!

noob here just installed this everything is working great but im using the stock prusa stepper motor and i guess because of the gears forward is now reverse and reverse is now forward. im not sure how to go about fixing this.

you will need to change your extruder direction in the firmware #define INVERT_E0_DIR or Just simply rotate the Extruder motor plug on the Mini Rambo :-)

Either way works.

I'm having problems with the homing positions. Are the values given in the thing details for use WITH or WITHOUT the spacer?

Hi they spacers were to be used with the new firmware values but after fitting it user @tomasro said it works without the use of spacers, i dont have an Original MK2 to confirm this but he did say it was fine further down in the comments.

What is the X carriage shown in the pics? As I understand, your mount attaches to the X carriage, yes? Thanks!

Yep it is designed to fit to the Prusa i3 MK2 or MK2S X Carriage or the Custom one i have designed in the picture.

Where is your custom design? Can I put this on a Mk1? Thanks!

Will be putting it up sometime this week, if the MK1 has the same X Axis rod spacings as the MK2 then yes.

We are still waiting.
Or is it hidden somewhere?

Hi sorry for the wait, life and stuff gets in the way at times :-)

Actually have 3 designs with 3 Different Z axis setups, 2 different types of controllers, 24vdc or 12vdc and 5 different Hot End assemblies.

Actually finishing printing a few parts today and the Thingiverse items have all been created and partially populated just taking longer than i ever expected to get things finished.

Hopefully it wont be much longer.

This is awesome! I'm wondering if you would consider releasing your source file? I hate the new method of mounting the PINDA and would like to remix this to work like the old way of mounting the PINDA (with the nuts).

Hi i actually have a version with the original mount, i just haven't uploaded as of yet i have been trying to finalise the pieces of a reasonably cheap Prusa i3 MK2S variant combined with some of the must haves like belt tensioners, bearing clamps and 2020 aluminium frame. At the moment i have finished printing and build the printer i am now just testing and tweaking some of the parts so hopefully everything will be up shortly.

That is awesome! I shall wait then! If you want someone to test it I'm happy to be a guinea pig. Message me and i'll give you my email address. If not, then I'll wait and grab the file when it's out!

Finished assembling this and ran my first test print today, and it works great without the spacers.

Keep in mind your slicers starting and ending scripts may need to be updated to accommodate for the change in the length in the Y direction, but as long as you update your firmware correctly, your results should be just as fantastic as mine. I can't post a Made yet, because this is a work in progress, but I will as soon as the design is finalized.

@tomasro! Can you provide more details on what you did to get it to work without spacers? I'm sure you still had to edit firmware for X, Y, Z _PROBE_OFFSET_FROM_EXTRUDER values, but what about the min-max and home values? I'm going crazy trying to line things up here!

Firstly, I didn't use the spacer. I went off the description for the thing with one exception for the Y max position:
// Home position
define MANUAL_Y_HOME_POS -22.2
define MANUAL_Z_HOME_POS 0.15

// Travel limits after homing
define X_MAX_POS 250
define X_MIN_POS 0
define Y_MAX_POS 195 //different from description
define Y_MIN_POS -22.2
define Z_MAX_POS 215
define Z_MIN_POS 0.15


Thank you @tomasro! I have just tried it and can confirm it works without spacers, with the values you've given above.

Thank you for testing everything so thoroughly and all your input it has been much appreciated :-)

It needs to be mentioned that when going from the stock extruder to the Titan or Titan Aero, you need to update your gear ratio in the "configuration_prusa.h" file to reflect the change in Steps per unit for the extruder (since the titan has a 3 to 1 gear reduction):

// Steps per unit {X,Y,Z,E}
"#define DEFAULT_AXIS_STEPS_PER_UNIT {100,100,3200/8,161.3}"

should read

"#define DEFAULT_AXIS_STEPS_PER_UNIT {100,100,3200/8,418.5}"

No " signs

Okay, I give up. How do you edit the configuration files without having a crap-ton of errors in Arduino IDE? I'm stuck on a Toshiba flash air compatability error ATM

If you're using windows, someone has created a powershell installer that worked great for me;


That was EXTREMELY helpful!

I'm not sure if I've done something wrong or if this doesn't quite work. Has anyone else had success? The problem I've run into is that the bed can't move forward far enough for the pinda probe to align over the rear bed alignment pads, it runs out of rail first. This is with the spacer installed.

Hi, how far off is the probe from the pads when the bed is fully forward? also how much more spare do you have on your Y Axis rods? Also if you could post a make with a couple of pictures that would be really helpful.

I don't think you need the spacer, because when you put in "g0 y 0" it takes you to the front/left corner of the bed which should be correct. I'm trying this without the spacer, buti'm getting air printing for the priming line (using the included V2 calibration code), as if it were going based on the location of the sensor, and not the nozzle.

Hmm I took it apart and put the original one back on already. I'm ordering a pancake nema17 motor for it though, I'll see about giving it another try when I switch to that & take some measurements.

confirmed it tonight, if you use the code provided to update the firmware, and no spacer, you will home to the exact front left corner, but your max Y will be 195, not 210 (bearings under the plate ram the end of the Y-rails)

Does this setup require the pancake motor?
Which of the reach around mounts from here (http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2192480) does this mount work with so it doesn't run into the left Z motor?
Is the probe in the original location relative to the hot end?
Will this require the hex update like the above link?

Original Prusa i3 MK2 E3D Titan Aero Upgrade

I can now answer my own questions (having just finished building one of these):
-no, it doesn't require the pancake motor, and you can use whichever size motor you like, but you have to choose the right spacing for the motor to get the blower fan mounted correctly behind it using the mounts created for the fan in the post linked.
-the blower does not hit the left z screw or any part of the x-carriage assembly
-the probe is not in the original location, which is why the firmware needs updating
-Yes, it does require a firmware update to function correctly.

Updated Thing Details.

PROBLEM: The holes for the square nuts for the probe on your model are only 1.87mm thick(measuring printed model) and the thickness of the physical square nut is 2.33mm, and the holes on the Prusa i3 MK2 are about 2.48mm (measuring the printed parts included). I would suggest opening up these holes about 0.6mm to fit the nuts properly.

Hi there thanks for downloading and trying it out, i actually just printed mine last night so just did a quick check of the holes on my part and they measured 2.4mm and 2.36mm when printed this was in PETG @ 0.2mm layer heights and 30% infill. i also checked the original drawing and the holes are the same size as Prusa uses for square nuts 2.5mm x 6.2mm.

Just wondering are you printing in ABS? Or over extruding slightly? as only being 1.87mm is quite a discrepancy.

I used PLA+ with 0.2mm layer height and 30% infill. The printed width for the square nuts for connecting to the part cooling fan bracket are 2.4 +/- but the probe square nut holes were very small (I measured under 1.9mm, but it's in a difficult spot to measure with digital calipers). I oriented the print, with the long mounting surface that would connect to the MK2 carriage, facing down on the bed, which means the holes for the nuts for the probe would be printed just fine.

Have Uploaded a v2 with tweaked Pinda mount holes.

Ah ok i orientated mine on the connecting face for the carriage so i used no supports and all square nut holes came out the same. Will try a print in your orientation to see if i have the same issue. But i will tweak the holes slightly for the Pinda just to be on the safe side for others.

Thank you for your feedback have you found any other issues?

I need to receive the Aero upgrade first, but those screws for the probe mount are M3 x 12mm, maybe something to add to the BOM.

BTW, I printed mine without supports too, but it is oriented as shown on the Thingview

Good point thank you.

Would you mind sharing the model of the titan aero itself too? It would make it so much easier for me to design my new 3dprinter in fusion360

i will upload it separately at the moment it is just a standard Titan model with a 40mm fan stuck 5mm of the front just for spacing purposes, will finish the heatsink sometime soon trying to get a few other things completed first.

Could you share what is the design you used for the bearing clamps.

Thank you

just trying to finish of the final bits and pieces now, it's for basically a re-work of the Anet A8 crossed with a Prusa i3 MK2s and a 2020 frame. All the files will be up sometime in the next few days hopefully plus a bltouch version of this mount.

Awesome, I will keep watching.