Ornate Fountain

by Herrigold Mar 24, 2017
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This is gorgeous! I love the little bit of greenery in the bowls! What did you use to get the effect of the algae and the lily pads if you don’t mind me asking?

HI, thank you! I bought some dollar store two-part epoxy which sets clear. I poured it into the fountain, and waited for it to set (an hour would do). Then I painted with acrylics over the dry epoxy. Then I mixed and poured more, then painted more. It wakes a while, but you can make some really cool 3D underwater effects. Search for "epoxy koi fish" on YouTube; some people do some incredible things.

if my printer messes up the overhang, how well does this model handle supports? Would it destroy the entire thing if I did add a couple supports?

Really nice gunna print this tomorrow in grey ABS. Will be perfect for Malifaux! Thanks for sharing.

Did you scale the model up for Malifaux?
If so, by how much?
Depending on used model I tend to scale up to 114% to 116%.

You could scale if you'd like, but there's nothing on the fountain that necessarily needs to be in scale. Maybe the edge of the lowest pond, but that would still be fine.

Thanks! Hope it works for you.

Yeh, I'm sure it will. Ill take a photo and then another once I've painted it.

Awesome Fountain! Thanks for sharing!

But I am also intrigued by the miniatures displayed there, where did you get them if I may ask?

Thanks! Yes, I've been caught up with West Wind Productions' Empire of the Dead. It's a tonne of classic (and invented) steampunk and Victorian horror characters. Take a look! www.westwindproductions.co.uk

Oh and the little sitting steampunk robot that I didn't finish painting is from www.lead-adventure.com

Amazing work! Thank you for sharing!