Santorini Portable Game

by McGybeer Mar 25, 2017
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Thanks McGybeer! This is a great design for the game because everything fits very nicely in the box. I printed 40 blocks, and the open space is good for getting fingers in to grab blocks out.

The only feedback would be that the tolerances for the tapa and the box were quite loose for me. You could have added another 1mm to the tapa width without any worries.

In my case, it's your that have problem :x the other one (official) is clear, no problem
Printed your but didn't checked before : my printer started printing in the aire for the (something like) 10 last layers

There are errors with the box

What is the tapa file for?


"Tapa" file is a frame that has to be glued to the board. It acts as a reinforcement, and is necessary to close the box.

The largest piece looks like the box. When I load it up it says it's 121mm square. Is that right?

Yes, that's right

Great, I want to try making one of these

I wish the individual pieces looked different, similar to the original game. Was there a constraint preventing that from happening?

I designed the pieces to be small and to easily fit them in a box, so the final dimensions remain useful for a portable game.
The original game has different sizes and designs for each floor, which would make more difficult to fit in a box that size.

Nevertheless thanks for your comment. I will consider a non-so-portable version which looks better.

I think it's better if the pieces are all the same: less searching for the right piece, and less danger of running out of a piece type (the game is supposed to have infinite pieces, I understand).

This is perfect just as it is thank you! Uniformity among the pieces is a GREAT way to go for a portable game, keeps from having to fish around for specific pieces when you don't have the room. Thank you again for a great build and i'd love to see more from you!

I don't see why you couldn't just make some of the pieces smaller but just shaped differently. It's not like when they're in the box they fit telescopically (or at least it definitely doesn't look like it on the photo), so whatever shape the other pieces have shouldn't matter as long as they stay inside the volume of the current pieces.

This looks great!!

I'm curious what your thoughts are on printing everything at 80%, whether or not it'd still be functional and retain all the details. My printer is about 20mm shy of fitting the full pieces.

I've just printed the complete set at 80% and everything is great

I guess it will work. Just try to print 2 blocks, if they fit together the rest should work also.
I'm not sure about the box...