Cloth Vase

by Sashko Mar 26, 2017
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Thanks man for the design. Awesome vase
Anet A8 stock printer at 0,15mm layer height, 200 /60 degrees.
Printed scaled down to 70% just to test the printer since this is one of my first attempts of 3d printing

Awesome model, I was just wondering what program did you use to design this cause I would like to make some vases myself.

wtf _why you made this in you didnt put the hole how i put the hole

Whether I open it with Cura (the new 4.0 version) or MeshMixer 3.5.474, it has a solid top. I want it hollow like a vase. Not sure what to do.

It opened like it should be. For printing in vase mode model must have a solid view. So read instructions and print in vase mode with desired shell thickness and of course without top infill. Cheers.

Exist one way to use spiral mode and make two or more walls??

Is it okay if I print these and sell them?

but let me know!
I want to know, how things by my design, made sells at whole the world!)

Which program did you use to create the model?

Comments deleted.

Thanks for making this design! I have a request. Could you please share an STL which is suitable for printing without vase mode? I have a small nozzle installed, and trying to use vase mode would result in a wall that's too thin to use. Thank you!

Not yet found the source of the model, but from the current STL file i made a 10 mm thick vase.
if u need some special thickness, corresponding to your nozzle size, feel free to give me know.

Thank you so much Sashko!

Great vase, thank you. Printed one in marble effect Ziro pla on my CR-10.

Lovely. I have the same marble pla but was having trouble with it coming out too thin, sleezy is what I'd call it. I've also had a lot of adhesion problems, had to shift to duct tape method but then it was hard to get off the bed. Printed same file with a different pla with no problem. Are you adjusting heat temp for that pla? Any other advice? I'm new at this.

Thanks. Blimey, Is it really a year since I printed it? Lol. From what I remember, I hadn't long been using Santube's cr-10 cura profile (which I still use variations of). Temp would have been somewhere between 215-220 for the nozzle not sure if the bed was heated for this one tho. Looking at the bottom of the vase, it's quite clean which means I printed straight onto my mirror print bed (must have found that levelling sweet-spot). I have used that filament a couple of time since but I always do a cold pull & do a push through with the new stuff to make sure it flows ok. I've just switched to Wham Bams flexible print bed, so I might give this print another go.

Wow, that looks really nice!

Beautiful vase, thanks for this model. I printed it in translucid green PLA, awesome.
I have a question regarding the instructions: I'm using Cura 3.1.0 and could not change the Wall Thickness in spiral mode. Well, I could, but it had no impact on the slicing; that make sense, I do not know how the slicer could print two layers in spiral mode without a visible jonction. I tried with or without the spiral smoothing option.
Just in case, is it possible to make the wall stronger in spiral mode?

Spiral mode overrides many other settings so it has to be single wall. You can increase some other things like bottom layers.

Thanks a lot!
i am using repetier host for windows with cura v3, 19 and if i change shell thickness parameter in cura engine configuration->Structures, i get different thickness with spiralize contour on. For example for .4 nose i use 0.8 thickness in spiralize mode, looks like a double extrusion, but for vases in this mode makes a better result.

Wonderful model. I printed it with shifted dimensions to hold my wife's makeup brushes.

This looks like a terrific model! I did run into a major issue with the file though, even with infill set to zero, the model provided still prints a top/roof on the print.

Zero top layers will fix that for you

Try printing in vase mode? I think it's called spiral mode in some slicers

Thank's a lot!
Cura slicer has a setup - solid top infill, try to turn off. In other slicer must be corresponding setting.