Gear Project 2

by Snille Apr 25, 2012
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Good God! You're a genius! Congrats.

Probably the coolest project I've seen on this site to date!

Thank you! :)

This is amazing! Brilliant! I love it.

Thank you! :)

awesome project!! too much free time i wish i had.. lol

Hehe, I had missed this comment... It's all about priority... :)

top project... can i only ask how did you attach the gears to the frame it self??

Hi, sorry for a late reply, I had totally missed your comment. All gears are attached to the backs of the frames. Look in the gallery from the comment below. :)

Here is a link to all the pictures: https://goo.gl/photos/ZTaD3y6tyftF1Mj79
I'm using M6 screws to attach the gears to the back of the frames. :)

very nice work, congratulations!!!

Reminds me of a dream I had.


too cool. tweetet it. keep it up.

Beautiful project Snille, gratz!

Now I want to make one :) Probably using adressable leds. There's some neat effects to achieve by counter rotating lights around gears & other similar ideas.

What motor do you use ?

Hi KipK,
Thank you! :)
Looking forward to seeing some cool pictures of your version. :)

I'm using this motor I think, may be a 5rpm/min... I don't remember. But it's this brand anyway. :)

Good luck!

Lo vi hace unas semanas, y estoy empezando a imprimir las cosas para hacerlo. Espero terminarlo en verano. Simplemente asombroso... me ha encantado! Compraré los rodamientos, y empezaré a montarlo en cuanto pueda! Gracias por este aporte :)
I saw a few weeks ago, and I'm starting to print all things to do it. I hope to finish in summer. Simply amazing ... I loved it! I have just buy the bearings, and I will begin to mount as soon as possible! Thanks for this contribution!

Thank you! And wonderful! Post some pictures when you are done! :)

Hi, yes I know the site is down for the moment. I'm currently waiting for my new ISP to arrive at our house to connect us to the Internet. We have just moved to a new hose. But as always with Telia (the ISP) they are late. Hopefully they will be here on Monday (14/7).


This is simply amazing! A work of Art if you ask me

Thank you! :)

Coolest thing I have seen on thingiverse! You put the huxley to good use!

Thank you! :)

Awesome! I love it! Got me thinking about something like that for my place now...

It might be possible to gear up the speeds in the driven boxes, and use the shaft drives to spin small dc motors as generators for the lights, but it would be an exercise in friction reduction. Still, very very cool as is!

Thank you! :)

It is absolutely possible to gear it up and possibly even generate power (great idea!) :). I use a motor (with a gearbox) that only runs 3rpm. The only thing you will have to think about is the noise. :)

One thing that I can see that would add a extra layer of fun to this would be to include controllers in each frame for controlling the LED color. A simple microcontroller and a darlington driver you could make each frame change color on its own at set or random intervals. The circuitry is relatively simple and will work with what you already have installed with maybe an extra $5 per frame.

Otherwise LOVE this idea. I have always found kinetic sculptures to be fascinating. Great job on this. Look forward to seeing the vid!

Nice, I love the basic structure of multiple separate framed kinetic pieces with mechanical transmission between them, shame you needed the power lines for the lighting.

Thank you! I thought the same about the weirs in the beginning. But after doing it I think it adds another layer to the project. I had the idea to maybe make the cable go in squared shapes but my wife liked this better. :)

I love this! since the first cogs photo frame uploaded ages ago, this has been something worth doing! have you a video of how it looks?

Yes, I've bee working on this one for quite a while. It's many hours planning and even more executing. :) I don't have a video at the moment but will record one during the weekend when I have some daytime.