TronXY X1 bed tightner

by PB2000 Apr 1, 2017
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This one is really awesome. Thanks a lot for sharing!

would this work for a skywriter 3d printer?

This did make it worse for me but it is not the design. I checked my 2040 and the 20mm part of it is 19.3mm. I then check the same part on my Tevo and it is 20.1mm. So it is the parts Tronxy is sending out. Not this design. I did fix my issue in a novel way. I cut electrical tape vertically in about a 30% strip and wrapped it around two of the wheels about 2 to 3 times. That fixed it for me. How long that will last I have no idea.

This exactly. Maybe there's a slight variation in cut size for the bed parts, but mine with all the tensioners wasn't exactly tight. Electrical tape (2 whole circles) did the trick. Also, another tip: teflon tape used for sealing gas pipes (cheap at your home depot/castorama/brico) is perfect for wrapping around the hotend (except the nozzle) for heat conservation.

Printing this out now!
Thank you so much for the files, design etc :D

This model is great. I found the top sections to be really difficult to install but it makes it rock solid. Thanks!

You need to enlarge the holes in acrylic with file.

I'm bemused, my bed was tight, but I thought I'd install this anyway. So I printed and installed it and it actually made it worse. It pushed the wheels further away from the extrusion. I've removed and reverted to stock.

I have the X gantry brace installed, this works very well.

Slider for 2040 Openbuilds v-cut

You were both using this on the wrong axis, this brace goes under the platen.

Nope, definitely installed correctly, as per photo above.

Keithellis, I discovered the same thing. Likewise I have done the X gantry brace with equally satisfying results.

Ken :)

Well I guess they altered the manufacturing process and finally they are making precise holes for bed assembly.
If you are using booth parts you might need to enlarge the holes in acrylic.

But anyway if it ain't broke don't fix it :)

Very important pieces! Make my tronxy ultra precise! Thank you very much for this thing!

Thanks PB2000.

I made and fitted one and I'm so far very impressed.
I have a video all about it, if anyone's interested, here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1IBgQtzfDxk

It works perfectly!
Isn't it possible to do the same design but for the X axis?
I have a small woble in this axis that the Y and Z tighteners won't eradicate.

Like the others have said, Thanks. This really works great and it only took most of the included filament. I even managed a half scale 3dbenchy with filament to spare.

I made this, and it worked. Do yourself a favour - even if your bed is as tight as a tick when you build it, a couple of weeks of heavy use or perhaps a few knocks from the kids and your bed will be as loose as a goose. Luckliy I printed this out before I needed it. I was really impressed with how well it fits and works.

Still waiting for my kit to arrive , so before I start printing what is the difference between the 4mm and 5mm parts ?

The one should go on top and another on the bottom. please see the last photo.

My apologies I cross posted on on the wrong thing.

Some wooble bed but far less in compare to origin, thks a lot.

Anyway to totally fix this ?

I am also using second top plate but to increase tension, but I have not finished the design yet

EDIT: the top part is now avalible

The top part seems to be wrong. The holes don't fit bottom part.

They should not fit. The hole positions on the top should be wider to provide additional tension

Well, the bottom part sits very firmly and the screws don't wobble around so I have no idea on how to put the top part as the difference between holes are like half of a diameter and I'm not into bending the screws.
Actually the holes a bit tight for them, so I had to screw them into the bottom part.
Nevertheless, thanks for the tightener.

It's defenetly THE good solution !! Thanks thanks a lot !!

And did you think about Z axis wobble ?

Really great job with both parts !!

SOLID!!! Nice work

This thing is amazing! My Tronxy did an awful job printing it and it STILL WORKS! THANK YOU!

Tried this out. Totally works and completely fixed my wobbly bed/carriage. Saved me having to print out a new carriage.