Customizable Bowden Extruder | Mount for ANET A8 & Others

by TNS Mar 26, 2017
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In the picture there’s a tool holder where is that from?

Amazing design! Is there any way you could add mount/inlet/outlet reversal for mounting on the left side of an Anet? I had a look at the code already, but I can't quite figure out how I would go about reversing it. (never dealt with such a large SCAD project, especially one that I didn't write)

was this resolved?

Comments deleted.

hab das Design gedruckt und es funktioniert auch ganz wunderbar, in den unteren zwei Dritteln der Druckhöhe.
Wollte gestern einen Vase drucken, 230mm Hoch, und er hat dann im oberen drittel einfach aufgehört filament zu fördern, ich denke mal das lag daran, dass der extruder immer weiter hoch fährt im laufe des drucks, und die bowden tube muss ja irgendwo hin, also ergibt sich eine "Schlange" mit mehr Reibung und dann schaffts der Motor nicht mehr die nötige Kraft aufzubringen um das Filament noch ins Hotend zu drücken.

Kurzum: Hast du auch das Problem, oder vlt die führung des Filaments anders gelöst? Wäre schade, wenn ich nun nicht mehr die volle Druckhöhe hätte, nach dem "Upgrade" auf Bowden. Das Druckergebnis ist nämlich super ;)

habe das gleiche Problem.
hast du es irgendwie lösen können?

This looks really interesting - how is it with flexible filaments if anyone has tried them?

I'm actually looking at trying to modify this and mate with https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1993384 - As I like the idea of the grip rather than a push-fit connector which can have some play. Oh and a different mount which would fit better with my enclosure

Tapered thread bowden coupling PC4-M6, PC4-M10
by krtektm

Thanks for all your work.
Is there any way to add M5 thread to the inlet as well? That would be just tremendous.
Thanks for your reply.

The original extruder (https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:275593) contains a version with holes for M5 push fit connectors on both sides (inlet and outlet). It can be adjusted easily by changing the OpenSCAD file manually.

Compact Bowden Extruder, direct drive 1.75mm

Thanks for your reply.
I looked at the original extruder, but there is no threads on either side. Would it be possible for you to add the choice of having threaded inlet as well?

Hi MPeter. The inlet/outlet holes don't have a printed thread, it has to be cut by hand. At this size, FDM printers won't produce a working thread, at least not at this orientation.

I have a question, what would you consider a "suitable length" for the M3 screw where the spring goes if I used the original spring from the Anet A8 extruder?

My toothed gear is to high up what can i do about this?

Or if you can let me know what toothed thing you have on the stepper motor cause its different than myn

please let me know as soon as possible thanks

Is there any plan to make a version with a filament guide after the gear to help with loading filaments and flexible filaments? Still on the fence if I want to make this one to replace your old extruder mount. Did you see any quality improvements with this design?

Hey ho ^^

Wenn du den Inlet auf "Pushfit" stellst ist der Outlet immer M10 :D
Aber nur wenn man du das Main teil nimmt, nimmste Main + Idler ist es genau andersrum O.o


Hi Otter,
danke für das Feedback! Bei mir tritt das Problem nicht auf... Ist das ggf. ein Darstellungsproblem im customizer? Oder tritt das dann auch bei den generierten *.stl files auf?

Hahah, sooo mad! I spent the last day and half learning openscad and tweaking schlotzz's to fit on my A8 by combining the plate from your other model (after printing like 4 duds), adding the threads in Sketchup and then saw you published this. At least you saved me the trouble of messing with it anymore, printing yours asap!

Ok, on to making this, but GEARED and still uses the same hobbed drive gear, unless you are about to make that too ;)

ANET A8 | Bowden Motor Mount
by TNS

That's funny that we considered the same extruder (at the same time) for future applications! ;-)

Unfortunately I was not pleased with the stock bearing and drive gear, that's why I switched to this combo. Sorry, atm I did not plan to adapt for stock ANET A8 drive gear...

No I meant the same kind of gear you have, i bought one and hadn't been able to use it yet, the stock one was horrible.

What you elegantly solved is with a M10 thread outlet, and this gear the idler couldn't come down.

I'm about to finish some tweaks to yours for the v2 splitted version of the idler since people had issues with v1 breaking having all the bearing pressure on one side.

Thanks again for your work!

Thanks for pointing this out, I added the V2 idler to the CUSTOMIZER (and still enabled options like handle and other pushfit outlets than M5)...
Hope we did no duplicate work ;-)

Dang, we did! Oh well, it's been a learning experience for openscad. I got to mess around with adding some honeycomb to the big brace and some other tweaks like adding some strengthening to the M10 thread too.