Eiffel Tower

by B9Creations Apr 25, 2012
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Hello all. I'm new to 3D printing, just got the QIDI X-Max. While new, i've already printed several things successfully and wanted to try this Eiffel tower. I am not sure what I'm doing wrong but in two attempts once it gets past the 4 corners and maybe close to a quarter inch high, it begins going to crap and I stop. Is there some special technique for this? I see further down it says no support required. Appreciate the feedback.

what printer did you use, and did you use supports?

any useful tips/settings for a b9creator at 30micron? I try to print my chiseled parametric designs on that machine (I've used fem machines for several years) but I1m a newbie to the dip scene. I just bought my b9 last week, what do you think? will it work for y models? (http://parametric-art.com) or with hits one? I have really thin walls...

It is a great and cool print!! There are some imperfections in the overall end product.


I could not do it , when I put it through the makerware , it stopped slicing in 58% ..... please help me!

I tried slicing it in Slic3r and had many problems as well. Then I ran it through netfabb basic (its free, google it) and clicked on extras->repair part, then repair->automatic repair, then apply repair, remove old part, then exported the new part as stl, went back to slic3r and the new part now sliced perfectly.

try using CuraEngine to slice it, in some cases it is better and faster, something other then Slcr

What parameters to use for printing?. congratulations

I wasn’t able to generate gcode directly, but when I set ReplicatorG to “fill the build volume”, that enlarged the model by about 1.25x, and gcode was generated. Made a pretty nice model on the Replicator, except that the antenna on top was floating in the air and didn’t stick.

Fantastic model but I get en error when trying to print it on an UP 3D printer: "There is no model or support at height:113.27~114.47. Do you know how to fix this?

I have an UP! Plus printer and I did not get the error you are speaking of. After I opened the .stl file I clicked on the "fix" option in the UP sofware and everything
processed just fine for me. I didn't print it out yet however.

I tried to simulate a printing with the last version of UP software 2.11
Error at level 113.35 - 114.55

Nice one. Made one (350mm tall :) ) on printer named GOLEM.

has anybody made this model using FDM with ABS?

Not at this small scale.  Larger is, of course, easier to print.

It looks like the Replicator copy made by sgrover is only slightly bigger.

It looks like the Replicator copy made by sgrover is only slightly bigger.

Nice Level of Detail!

But... for us poor saps who can't afford the complete kit, how much will the custom shield (and any other electronic parts not currently orderable off the net) cost?

All the electronic bits (motors, cables, connectors, etc.) are commonly available online as are components needed to populate the shield. The shield pcb, without any components will not cost much and I should be able to offer it once I get past the kickstarter thing. Since it will be open, you could just breadboard it too, if you don't wish to buy the pcb.

Thanks for the reply.

Though I'm sure you are, do consider selling a completed version of the shield as well (Thats the main part that would be difficult for me.)
I've got little skill at putting things together but after the continuous failures of my Makerbot MK7 to print a simple sphere I certainly would try for some
thing more accurate.

Nice model to demonstrate your technology. Definitely the kind of thing I wouldn't even attempt to make using an FDM machine!

Ok, I'll bite. What's a B9Creator and how can I find out more?

Nothing more to tell right now, enjoy the Eiffel Tower!

Umm...will it at least be open source? I see all these DLP design printers, but they immediately go closed source. It would be a huge relief to finally see a successful open source DLP 3d printer. :) Just saying. ;)

"Open Source?" - Yes!

I plan to release the mechanical design under the TARP NC hardware license (http://www.tapr.org/NCL.html)http://www.tapr.org/NCL.html). Software will be released under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/3.0/)http://creativecommons.org/lic... Expect a release date of early July (sooner if I can get there).

Just google the name, you can at least see some non informative images on his website.