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CO2 Rockets & Launcher Components

by dacinator Jul 2, 2017
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I'll start by saying that I am not a professional in Rocket Science or physics.

I think you might have better luck by adding a "rocket nozzle" to increase the velocity of the CO2 gas that comes out of the cartridge.

I remember the team in the movie "October Sky" having a rocket velocity problem an a nozzle device kinda solved it. Upon some internet research, i found that this part is called a "de Laval nozzle". https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/De_Laval_nozzle

This nozzle and the physics behind it are for hot gasses that come from steam or rocket engines. I'm not sure how this will change with the cold CO2 gas, but I am curious.

I wish you the best of luck!

I believe this is resolved with the design of the co2 tank as it narrows at the end. Could still help though. Looking at the results of the video it shows that the hole was not in the center. For any rocket to truly fly, you will need an even trajectary. It appears thrust doesn't seem to be the problem, but rather when it leaves the tube, it literally flew in circles right out of the tube so the thrust went everywhere instead of one direction.
Few methods of solving this could be creating a stabalized rocket with fins etc., ensuring the nail impacts directly in the center of the tube, enlongating the launch tube so the rocket has more time to gain velocity in one direction.
I think you are right that the pipe needs lubrication to help increase launch velocity, but the hole in the cartridge is still causing it to fly in circles.
I will match Lmpeeke and say I am not a rocket scientist, but I have done my fair share of bottle (water presure ones) and model rockets. If there is any mis trajectory with bottle rockets (i.e. too much weight on one side) it will litterally spin in circles and not go up. No matter the power given to it.

I think this idea would be fantastic on a rocket car though. The wheels would at least stablize any issue with centering the hole so it can still potentially not spin everywhere.