The Ballista

by MakerBot May 17, 2016
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This aircraft is actually called a B-52 Stratofortress...

How to print the wings? :)
Cant find a 100% flat Surface that is suitable to touch the bed in Simplify3D

I have just loaded this into Simplify3D, if you load the wings STL, then click on one of the wings, then click from the Menu (Mesh -> Separate Connected Surfaces), you should find that one of your wings is touching the surface, for the wing that isn't, I then went to the menu and selected (Edit -> Place Surface on Bed) and then clicked on any flat part of the underside of the wing and it leveled it for me (I have to admit I hadn't used that in Simplify3D before and first manually moved the bit, we both came up with the same values).

In case that doesn't work for you, do as I said to separate the wing components, then double click on the wing that doesn't lay flat and enter the following values (hopefully they will work for you):

X Rotation = 0.29
Y Rotation = -1.83
Z Rotation = 60

By the way, thank you for an excellent model.

Thanks for the help, but I keep getting the non marked wing as pretty much 100% bridge on the first layer.. =/
And about 60% bridge after som tweaking trying to lay it flat.

Very strange, I have just gone into Simplify3D, gone into preview mode, set to show Feature Type, looked at the first layer and both wings are printing as solid layers for the first layer.

Very odd, would it be possible to ask for you to save it to a factoryfile in S3D and send so i can see if I get the same result with that? :)

Ok, so I thought I would re-load the model from scratch just to check, one thing I noticed is that if you have the layer height set to 0.1 (or less) that the other wing that looks flat is actually not on the surface and prints as bridge, with a layer height of 0.2 that wasn't the case, (I tried to correct it with a layer height of 0.1 however the joining pin in the wing must be fractionally lower than the bottom wing surface, so to correct that I had to manually lower the print to the print surface) with that in mind here is exactly what I did (simpler than above, no manual angle adjustments). If you can try this and if it still doesn't work, I can somehow get you my factory file.

  1. File -> New
  2. Add Process (I set the layer height to 0.1, but you can use other heights if required)
  3. Click on the Model (which includes all 3 items, 2 wings and a body joiner) and select (Mesh -> Separate Connected Surfaces) to split into 3 separate models
  4. Click on FF_TheBallista_Wings (the wing with the (m) in the underside) NOTE: At this point it helps to move such that you are looking at the underside of the wings through the build bed
  5. Select (Edit -> Place Surface on Bed [Cmd L])
  6. It is now expecting you to click on a surface you want to lay flat on the bed, for this I looked at the underside of the wing with the (m) and moved the cursor around to find a largish triangle and selected that, this made the model flat to the build surface (I picked a triangle that was roughly between the (m) and the locating peg on the end of the wing)
  7. I then did the same with the other wing as mentioned because at a layer height of 0.1 it also wasn't on the build plate, this also required lowering the print manually, I did this by double clicking on the wing (this time without the (m) and entering Z Offset = -10.01 (it was set to Z Offset = -10.00)

That now looks as though it does not bridge either of the wings in the preview.