terraPin Box Turtle 4X5 Pinhole Camera

by schlem Apr 1, 2017
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What does the http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2206746 mean?
mine came out great, can't wait to use it. Thanks for all the great designs!

terraPin Box Turtle 4X5 Pinhole Camera
by schlem

It's the Thingiverse "thing number". You'll notice that when you pasted it into the text box above, it linked to the page for the terraPin Box Turtle.

hi, where i can find the pinhole piece to mount inside the box? thanks!!!


That part is included in the SHUTTER_PLATE. It rotates into position and locks. You will need your pinhole completely fastened to the twist-in part, Otherwise, it may wrinkle. I use a tiny bead of super glue.

hi, thanks for the reply, i mean this piece in the photo. sorry for my bad english ;(

Sorry for the misunderstanding. These two cameras are designed around pinhole diameters (0.20 / 0.30 mm) that are readily available on the Internet from manufacturers who make laser-cut pinhole apertures. However, you'll pay a lot of money for that precision. Luckily, it's really not that critical for success. I make all of my own pinholes (and I make a LOT), using THIS METHOD. If you have a micrometer or digital caliper, you can easily make an accurate pinhole.

A couple tips:
I use brass shim stock, available at any good hardware store, but a soda can works fine. Don't forget to blacken the back side of the pinhole!
"Beading needles" come in very fine sizes, and are great for making pinholes. Use a "pin vise", locking pliers, or a pencil eraser to hold the needle.
I have found that finest wet/dry sandpaper gives the best results for polishing the tiny burr off the back of the metal. I use at least 1200 grit sandpaper. 600 grit, for instance, tends to tear the delicate edges of the pinhole.
In the end, if you find you aren't getting accurate exposures, you can adjust your exposure time, but the cameras are designed to allow for easy pinhole replacement.

I hope that helps! Let me know if you have any more questions!

Tank you very much Todd, you are super!
I will print and try to make my own pinhole.
i will update you ;)

Print the 35mm front yesterday ( 13 hours on Zortrax M200 + Z Ultra Black ), just a small warping on the large plate on one side ( between raft and piece ), not a big issue ...

The back is printing right now ( 10 hours 30, same printer ), put some adhesive spray before to prevent warp but still a bit warping on the large plate, similar place between raft and plate, maybe not a big issue at the end if the "box" is correct, I still waiting ...

I keep update !


The back is now finish, even with adhesive spray the warping is more marked on one corner (2mm). The front and the back fit correctly together and more easily with a light sandig on the corner, not a big issue like I said, just aesthetic, a very usable item, size of a small book.

I printing a new one for fun with a rest of Z-Ultra ABS, a pocket one ( scale 1:2, 62.5mm X 75mm x 35mm ) with some improvement ... pictures soon !

How's the pics coming?