Squirrel Guardian

by mikebattaglia Apr 27, 2012
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This is the very first thing I have ever printed from Thingiverse and it turned out beautifully! Thank you!!

I downloaded this model a couple of weeks ago. It was a bit big, so I scaled it at 50% and it came out really good. But, I decided a bigger squirrel was required so reset it to 65% scale BUT during printing it stopped early without its head !!. A second attempt did the same.
It was only after a chance comment that I went back and double checked my settings. I had reduced the layer thickness for more detail - could that have been the problem ?
So today, about 2 weeks later, I tried it at 0.24 layer thk and beefed up the shell thk to 2.4 /1.2 Bot & top thk. This was done on Cura and it came out fine.

Thanks to mikebattaglia for providing an excellent model.

I only mention the above in case someone else had the problem and not found the solution yet.

Thanks! I've seen this happen if the sd card is removed prior to the full gcode copying over. Either that or a glitch in the slicer. Might want to Drag the gcode back from the sd card to the computer and look at it in a visualizer to see if it has a head or not!

Is the model hollow?

WOW... This is a wonderful model; it printed beautifully on my Prusa I2 with a 0.5mm nozzle using black ABS at 230 degrees C and 2.5mm layer high. Thanks.

Nah, it's a statue that I have on display in my apartment about a foot and a half tall.

Hi - I like this, particularly because it isn't symetric.

How did you get a squirrel to hold still for so long? ;)