Hephestos 2 airduct cooler

by Turinete Mar 29, 2017
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Printed this at the local FabLab in ABS and coated it then with XTC3D epoxy.
I have it a few days in use now and it doesn´t warp or bend at all.

Please, add an "I Made" to see your print finished. Thanks.

What is the max hot end T° reachable when in operation ? A way to test is in manual mode, head close to the bed, to set the T° at the max (250 to 280) and see if it can reach it.

Hello, as I wrote in Notes: "I used PLA, but the part it's too close to the noozle and it will be better to print it in ABS."
I do not print with ABS (yet), but the Tº that I use for PLA is 215ºC (without Heat Bed). For this temperature is enough with PLA (we will see in a few months ... :p)

Sorry, not what I asked.
Can you perform the procedure as specified. I want to know if the cooling with such a fan, may prevent the hot end to reach its full T° as these fan have a higher flow than the regular one's. I don't use PLA anymore, just PETG, ABS, Igus filament ... T° I use are between 230 -280.
If you can't reach 240° you won't be able to print ABS, so it is interesting to test for you too.

Thanks for clarify it.
And thanks for the good information.
The good thing of this kind of air duct is that the air flows around the printed material (360 degrees). Maybe you can solve the high level of flow by reducing the speed of the fan (in case of need you can print only with 50%of the speed, isn't it?).
I will see the way to test it.

If it cools too much the hotend, I will keep the current 40 mm square fan although I like this turbo fan as it is better suited for a compact design. My controller can't adjust the fan speed. Most of the time I don't use a part cooling fan but in some case, I need it. So I am looking to make it compact and with a quick mount/dismount system.

I tested with Filaflex at 245ºC. The printer can reach the temperature with the fan at 100%. I had a fluctuation of -5ºC, (during the print the temp. was min. 240ºC - max. 245ºC).
I also tested with fan at 50% and the fluctuations is only -3ºC.
My printer is limited to 250ºC ... I cannot test more than this ...
I hope it can help you.

does it work well with filaflex?

Estaria bien que harias una modificacion para que entrase con el protector http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1773117
Yo lo he intentado modificar, pero no lo consigo.

bq Hephestos 2 - cover for inductive sensor

El problema es que hacerlo mas "ovalado" implicaría que esté en contacto con la boquilla, por lo que se fundiría.
Otra opción es que modifiques el protector (hacerle un encaje) o incluso integrar ambos en una única pieza (algo más complicado ...)

Hecha la pieza tal cual la tienes colgada y pega en el cubo de aluminio del calentador, ocasionando que se haga un agujero.
En cuanto pueda te pongo fotos para que lo veas......

Puede ser que el extrusor lo tengas más salido?
Yo personalmente no he tenido ningún problema y hay otros 3 usuarios que ya la han imprimido también.

Revisaré las medidas para verificarlo

Buenas Turinete:

El hotend lo tengo metido a tope, no me deja levantarlo mas por las aletas de refrigeracion.

Me pega justo en la esquina donde esta el cartucho calefactor del hotend, por la parte por la que salen los cables. El caso es que a la hora de colocarlo entra perfectamente, parece que no pega en ningun sitio, pero si que pega en esa esquina.