Velocity Stack and Fan Guard for 40mm Fan (round)

by admodesi Mar 29, 2017
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Very nice looking print. I made in red ABS and after sanding off stringing I painted on acetone to get a glossy finish.

However I experimented and the fan efficiency seems noticeably reduced and induces a quite a loud whine sound.

i would love to see one of these designed for the 30mm fan that comes on an E3D V6. :) maybe 75% will work but the screw holes and stuff may not scale... I will try one

The Noctua NF-A4x10 (40x10mm) had a 17mm hub. It seems a lot of people use this fan for the hot end (as do i). Would be nice to have one that size too.

Agreed on this, that's the fan I've got as well and was thinking the same. I made some modifications to the STL to shrink the center down to the required 17mm and it looks pretty good, but the license on this doesn't allow for remixes, so I can't share it. Too bad, as the modified version looks to match the Noctua housing pretty well - see the image.

awesome design. did you ever get a chance to make the different hub dimensions?

figured i'd ask before i give it a shot myself.

cheers, L.

OK watch this space. In addition to the existing 21mm hub version it seems logical to create a 22, 23, 24 and 25mm hub diameter designs. I hope that will cover everyone's fans?

I'm using a 7000rpm, 7.73 CFM 40x40x10mm, seven blade fan (From Amazon). Not enough room to go to a 20mm thick fan and accommodate this as well.

So, is it worth using this on a good 10mm fan? (Looks to be a 21mm hub/motor, so it should be a proper fit.)

If so, how much better would it be for this application if you re-engineered one of these specifically for 10mm fans like the high performance one I'm using?

There will be no problem with using this stack with that fan. I made the comment about the fan, as it seemed most 40x10mm fans had the 25mm hub. I'll have to make some different sized hub versions as it seems that 40mm fans have hubs ranging from 21mm to 25mm. This version is a 21mm hub and fits the fan that comes with the Tevo Black Widow. Anyone reading this please post what size motor/hubs you have and and I'll try to design a range of correct sizes.

Hi, I've got a few 40x20mm fans (probably out of a server) that have a 23mm hub, for what it's worth :)

I took a more careful measurement of this fan. ( http://a.co/1u6nK1h ).

It seems its hub is actually 22mm in diameter.

The stock fans for the current Wanhao D6 / Monoprice Select Ultimate printers have 25mm hubs,
so here's my vote for 22mm and 25mm versions. (Both with a flat side.) ;-)

(The goal being to add a second fan on the other side of the heat block, with one of your velocity stacks on it. ie. Your stack + modified versions of this: http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2009614 and this: http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1875511 )

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