Imperial Assault Crate Token Holder

by dakron Mar 30, 2017
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Thanks for the comments and makes posted. I have uploaded a resized version based on the comments about being over sized.

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Note to future printers: This model is just a little larger than it needs to be.

I recommend printing it down 1.5mm in all dimensions to get a nice clean fit for the crate tile.

I'm a newbie. Any chance we can get a veteran to remix this to these size specifications to take the guess work out for dummies like me?

What would that put the final dimensions at?

You really should just take what you have in your slicer (Cura in my case) and reduce each axis by 1.5 mm. In my case i turned off Uniform scaling because it isn't a perfect cube and changing one will affect the others if it remains checked.

For me it went from
X: 23.83 -> 22.33
Y: 23.818 -> 22.318
Z: 23.823 -> 22.323

I've tried printing these several times but cant get the bottom to look like the cad file. Its either filled in completely or the print fails. Any suggestions?

I print with a brim due to some issues I was having before switching to glass, where it would end up messing up. With the improvements I've made, I can probably work with just a skirt now. at first I tried an x-acto knife, and that didn't work so ended up pushing it in with something i had laying around (top of the image). Needless to say it didn't look good and I didn't bother printing the bottom part.

The solution I found for this is to sand the bottom. I used 220 Sand paper I bought at my local hardware store. just lay the sander on a sturdy flat surface and sand while pushing the crate down (much faster than trying to hold it in one hand and sand with the other). Eventually it will come off (or in my case it was so thin it was easy to peal it off cleanly as you can see the unpainted on the bottom of the image looks clean, I also suggest doing this for the sides to get a nice smooth crate (especially if you plan on painting them).

I'm sure no reply is expected for this, but I thought I would leave this here just in case someone else comes across it.

I'm new to 3D printing, but The previous one I printed with a skirt, so It looked like the model, I'm printing one with a brim, that might fill some of the bottom. I still need some work to improve my print quality, but you can see the bottom in this picture (it was printed on glass)

This looks so great! I haven't played IA in a while but if I do I'll have to print some.

Could even leave the printed piece on the board and whenever someone collects a crate just remove the token.