TUSH - The Ultimate Spool Holder - with clips for Wanho Duplicator i3 Plus

by Silverquark Mar 30, 2017
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Thanks for the model.
I recommend gluing the two halves together if it doesnt snap on.
The bearing guard came loose during a print and my spool fell over!

A thought for improvements. Firstly, as it stands now, the thing won't fit on my Monoprice Maker Select 2 unless I disassemble the gantry to slide it on, or, what I did as a workaround, was to grind/file the back side of the front lip so it would just snap into place - it was quite tight once the front lip cleared the metal and popped back up just a little into the notch. One fix might be to print one notch to engage the gantry on one half, and the other on the other half, so that they are not constrained until snapped together on top of the gantry. The other thing I found was that once snapped together, when I pulled them apart, the knob part on first part broke off. Might be better to just make a hole, and screw them together. I wish I were better at SketchUp (I did much better with 123D Design, but it is no longer released, though I have a copy).

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Mine were a little big on the clips to the Di3+ and are loose. Is this normal? Did anyone print these at a smaller scale and get better results?

Te same problem here. I didn't adjust the scale but i changed the clip a little bit in sketchup. Now it sits perfect.

Could you tell me more about the adjustments? And why didn´t the design fit - I mean, it should when it´s made for the same printer?
How do I know (without printing) if it will fit without the modification you´ve made (and would you mind sharing your design remix if I would need it?)?

unfortunately i've already deleted my edited file. But it is very simple: You need to measure the frame of your printer. Then measure the length of the clips in the .stl file. Compare them and make the clips a little bit shorter if needed.

The two halves are supposed to snap together without the bearings or just with the bearings?

Asking because I printed the first set and they won't snap together....(don't have bearings yet)

EDITED: I was wrong. This should be able to snap together without bearings.

That is not accurate - at least not for me. Mine snapped together just fine without the bearings in place (however, when I pulled them apart one of the two small knobs in the first piece broke off. If they won't snap together, it is likely that the smallish center knobs on the first piece are too large to fit into the holes on the 2nd piece.

You're right. I think when I answered I thought it was in regards to the original by filamentry.

Do you happen to know if this will fit a Wanhao Dupicator i3 v2.1(Maker Select v2)?

I just made a pair for my MSv2, and it fits perfectly.

Me too - actually, a little too perfectly. ;) (See my other comment).

Your rig is amazing! Do you mind sharing links to the other mods, (which brace file worked best, and fan mods?) I'm using the US model - a Monoprice Maker Select Plus

What are you using for bearings here?

Just standard 608 bearings. (like in skateboards and fidget spinners)
I used to have a seperate piece printed that goes on the bearing (in the picture), but i noticed that actually makes movement worse