by AmeraLabs Apr 5, 2017
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I've checked, double and triple checked. the file labeled "top_with_funnel-v1" is not scaled to the other parts. I have found that scaling it to 120% seems to make it align with the other parts. Could either confirm that it should be scaled to 120% or upload a corrected copy?

I have re-uploaded parts. Could you please check now, if it's OK?


So it looks like you uploaded a new set. The whole set appears to be scaled in relation to each other, as in poper. Unfortunately they are ~5%-10% larger than the previous set. My M3 nuts fit perfectly in the old set of STL files. So, I suspect that it really was just the one file that mucked with the scaling and this new set you uploaded my have fairly large holes. I have the original set you uploaded if you want me to send to you so you can compare.

Just drop me an email and I will send you original SolidWorks files and you would be able to scale them as necessary, since I think I do not have those old files :(

I am not sure that I would be able to figure out correct scale of that single part. If you could send me correct scale for that single part (together with old set) I would re-upload that set as a different version then.

Oh... really... It is really weird. I think that software that I used to rotate models to proper printing orientation might have done that. I will fix this ASAP.

Is it possible to stretch this to be just a little bit bigger? I would look for a usable length of 180 mm.

Hi, MattCarp.

I afraid, that could be a bit tricky. It would not be that easy, since there are a few parts, that must be aligned properly and we have done some delicate alignments and empirical testing, since we want that to be good for 3D printing with PLA.

However, if you are OK with SolidWorks, I can send you all files and you can modify that and test according to your FDM printer.


  1. Did you made this for a ipad 3 or 4 Display?
  2. I realy don't get it how you wanna tension the FEP on this? (Video would be awesome) ;)
  3. How to mount this on a Display? (SLA/DLP 3D Printer) Maybe a Picture. ;)
  4. Is this arm or you call it funnel to tilt the Resin inside the VAT?


  1. I did not make this specifically for LCD printer, but it was designed for DLP wit projector. However, you can always use it, if you are able to mount your LCD right below FEP film of this VAT, since FEP of VAT with LCD printer must lay on LCD display to avoid light diffraction.

  2. It is very simple. I suggest looking at http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1244716 There is a basic scheme, how it works. But generally, When you assemble that "top" sandwich, FEP is non-tensioned and loose. But when you mount top part on tensioner, those inner edges of tensioner just get inside of top part and when you screw that top part to tensioner it really pushes FEP film up and that is how it is tensioned. But there is a video, very similar to this VAT that explains, how to assemble similar thing (approach is similar): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U-Ce6-spggs (source https://flexvat.com)

  3. When it comes to display, it is hard to tell, because I do not know the design of your printer. But if you can simply move your LCD up and put it as close to FEP film as possible - that might just work. However, there might be easier designs (and I am also thinking of similar one, because I am making LCD printer as well), that might be better for LCD printer. Those have completely flat bottom with tensioned FEP film and thus it is easier to put it on LCD. I will upload that as well, when it is finished.

  4. That funnel is simply to ease the process of getting resin out of the VAT. Since I use only one VAT, I change resins pretty often, so it is hard to pour out resin. That funnel just provides an easier way to pour out resin - that is the only purpose of it. But since it is not in the ideal place (the best place would be in the corner) I also added a version without it. It is really possible to live without that as well :)

Hope that help!

LittleRP PLA printable FlexiVat