Anet A8 Z wobble mod

by Draxan Mar 30, 2017
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Excellent. My prints are better for your efforts. Thanks.

Thank you so much. This thing completely solved my issues with z-wobbling on Anet A6.

Wow, thank you man! This totally got rid of my z-wobble!

Although this seems like a good idea; removing the wobble that the Z axis screw imparts on the X carriage, in practice it raises another set of issues by itself. The whole thing is now so lightly coupled to the X carriage and as a result, movement in the Z axis is now loosely coupled to the X carriage height.

Also, if you've replaced the standard linear bearings to something like IGUS bearings, the X carriage will slide with a bit of resistance. You'll be relying on the weight of the X carriage to hang under the new mounts. I did think of hanging some weight on the X carriage to help.

Also, if you have auto levelling bed (as I do), the stickiness of IGUS bearings effectively cancels out the minute Z axis rotations that occur to keep the print level with the bed. You really need a directly coupled drive to get the best out of auto levelling bed.

I've now removed this and simply straightened the lead screw as best I can to have a pretty good Z axis print.

Just wondering how stable these Z anti wobble inserts are... held in place with zip ties?? Why?? surely its possible to just use longer screws.... or am I missing something.

Good work - a nice experimental approach!!

Simple and effective design.

The freely hung mount has the advantage that a crooked rod has no effects on the X axis while if you use the "normal" bottom mounted "anti wobbles" the moving of the rod can interfere with the z position of the x axis holder.

I am using this mod for the last couple of days and it works great. Thank you!

how do i make sure all ziptie has same length?

Count the clicks when you pull it through.

Works super well! Here is a remix for the right side of the injected plastric ones: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2461318

Anet A8 Z wobble mod remixed

Thank you! :)

Estupendo diseño, se le ve muy funcional. Soluciona perfectamente el problema de los indeseables movimientos erróneos del eje Z, por ponerle un pero, quizás le quite algo de espacio en la zona superior, lo que se puede traducir en perdida de espacio de impresión en piezas altas, en ese caso prefiero este diseño.


Anet A8 Anti Z Wobbel

Tried this out thinking I had a z wobble problem. Turns out I didn't and had a completely different problem. For anyone thinking of trying this out Id say go for it as soon as you can. It does not take very long to do and it definitely wont have any negative effects on the prints if it doesn't solve your problem.

What was your problem? I just tried it and it turned out that my banding isn't coming from Z wobble. :(

Just a heads up to people with the stock Anet A8 X Axis mounts, the bolts on the right hand side are turned 45 degrees from the left hand side so you will need to modify the design or come up with another method to line up the holes for the zip ties. I think I may tinker out a remix really quick but in case I don't get around to it and decide to just drill mine out I figured I would throw out a heads up to everyone.

Seems like my left side is the one turned to around 20 degrees. Very odd. Just drilled some new holes in it to solve it.

yep this won't fit on my A8 on the right side. the holes are turned 45 degrees

hmm but my X Axis mounts are stock ones :)

I see that yours came with the printed x axis mounts. Mine came with the injection molded mounts and the holes are 45 degrees off :/. I may tinker it to make it fit still but for now I am really focusing on my rods / couplers being straight and if that doesn't work I am going to try either your mod or ronindev's.

For now here is my process for getting those rods straight and minimizing the Z wobble:

*Before anything ensure that the X carriage mounts are not being pulled together by the belt. There should be the same distance between the guide rods all the way up and down so they are like this | | and not like this ) (

  1. Put the couplers onto the Z stepper motors one at a time without the rods in them.
  2. Tighten the screws evenly so they don't just push the rod to one side.
  3. Run the Z motors to see if the coupler looks off center. It should not look like it is "wobbling"
  4. Insert the rods ( I had to drill mine out a tiny bit so they would fit in while still being snug ) and tighten the screws evenly
  5. Run the Z motors again to ensure the rods are not wobbling or off center. If they are, loosen the couplers and try again

Thanks for all your videos! I am a subscriber and look forward to seeing more of what you do. Keep them coming!

Do you feel to try my design (never tested yet) http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2215406

Oldham coupler M6 ACME 8 Prusa CTC Geetech Z Wooble
by paul0

I have printed and installed this mod and it works perfectly fine!
Draxan, do you think it would be a good idea to place a spring between the red and the white parts in the picture? This would help to move the x carriage when moving down.

Honestly I think its a really good idea! That should help to keep that more stable because of tension put on that parts. Just dont use too strong springs or You lose freally movement and thats most importand in this mod :) .
You know carriage its really heavy itself, so dont thikn so there is any problems when it goes down ;)

Ha Ha Ha. When will you guys start to ANALYSE the problem, DETERMINE the cause and ELIMINATE it instead of trying to mitigate ?
Mistakes are made nowadays that Joseph Whitworth wouldn't have made more than a hundred years ago.

You can not eliminate the cause of Z wobble in a 160 $ cheap 3D printer without investing much money for better parts!! Almost every Part of the printer is not precize enough. Don´t think every person around here is stupid and you are the onely one who knows everything !! The solution from draxan works very well and costs nearly nothing. It´s not an over all solution but a quick dirty fix that works ... very well !!


BTW, plenty of similar solutions draxan didn't "invent it" but this is one of the worst as here the nut movement in the X /Y plane will still be somewhat transmitted by the tie wrap.. The one pointed to by ranita is better and an additional PTFE shim would even make it perform better. Yet, I don't consider this as real solution, just compromise.

even if the zip tie tries to transmit some movements the smooth rods are solid and they holding white part stady in place.
Zip ties are soft, so there is no way they can force them to move.
That supose to be simple solution so I use zip ties because they are everywhere, I got small "chain" I was planning to use insted of ties, but because they work fine for me I just leave it like tha for now

If the Z rods are such as you said, why bother than as they could prevent this movement in the X/Y ? Fact is, there is play and lack of rigidity.
Anyway, these floating nut solutions are not new, work somewhat but do not eliminate the root cause of the problem (coupler, bent lead screw, misalignment ...), just that yours is inferior PERIOD ! ranita posted here a better one, although not the best.
Why am I loosing my time here ? Gee !

Why? Because you are an asshole that complain to every thing and to every one here. Thats why you are here.
I know you very well from this page, saw many of your complaining posts I even report you few times.
In my video I was testing basicly same design like the one from Ranita (bigger) and my prints become worst than before mod.
But I know its to difficult for you to watch video because you are so clever you dont need too.
I really hope they start to ban people like you, thats kills the spirit on pages like this one.

Wow personal attack.
I just point out the useless, incorrect if not plain stupid designs. Too bad, there is a lot here.
But there is a few smart people and I praised their design. Most probably you don't notice their things.
And there are guys like you, too many, that perfectly illustrate the failure of the education system that produces arrogant illiterates in science and technology (and often in the rest too), unable to search, reason, analyse and take a critic.

Besides, I bring real effective working things here not kid's stuff like yours.

No you not pointing things out, you just attacking almost everyone on this website.
Why? Because you are asshole. Face it bellend.
you bring effective things here? AHHAHAHA omg, you talking about that "complicated" designs on your profile? Buahahah yea, good job Mr Im A Engineer :D
From my side - EOT , I dont lose more of my time for a idiot like you.

Here an article about your kind. Hope you will be able to read to the end and understand most of it.


Yeah you are right a nut floating in the X/Y plane using a PTFE shim would perform better. I have an Anet A6 and not an A8. It´s not easy to invent something for my X Axis to eliminate the Z wobble. I tried this here and it works but its not perfect in my case. My Z wobble onely shows on the corners .. the planes are perfect.

This thing is already available, http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:808509 and is to be mounted below the idlers and not attached to them in a way that the whole carriage will "float" on top of the anti wobbling things, this way the threaded rods will not excerpt any force to the smooth rods. they really do an excellent job. the reason for anti wobbling is not to prevent wobbling of the rods but the x carriage. The anti wobbling things that some makers install at the top end of the threaded rods are actually in detriment of the printing quality. Just think about an archers bow, if you hold the middle and the bottom end and rotate it, the top end will wobble, now if you hole both ends and rotate it, the middle will wobble and that is exactly what is happening to the threaded rod when you restrict both ends movement and as a consequence, the wobbling at the middle of the threaded rod excerpts pressure to the smooth rods and moves the whole carriage in unpredictable ways.

Anti-Wobbling Z-axis Geeetech Prusa I3

Hi ranita

You should watch Draxans Youtube Videos about this Problem. He put much effort into this to figure out what works better. The standard version you are talking about (mounted below the idlers) did not work in his case. He tested some various mods and made test prints with every mod to compare against each other. I also testet many things on my anet a6 too (http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2169906) to overcome the z wobble disturbances in my prints. I have the same problem he has befor his mod so i´am happy to see someone else is putting time and hard work to figure this problems out. In such cases i think there is no one overall conclusion .. you have to try and look what works best for you.

Anet A6 Z Anti Wobble Bearing Mount (Top and Bottom)
by tkris85

ehh lol, so much time waste in 3d software and they are already done :P . But my are A8 other one are i3 ;)
If You check my videos You see why I made them like this, the ones that goes under just make things worst.