1911 45 Display Stand

by Itzafezookie Mar 30, 2017
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The devil loads the weapons and the stupid one unloadsss

Do you have a version for Rock Island Armory?

Yep! That was one of the first logo requests I got! It should towards the bottom of the Thing Files list.

i see it now.. i was looking through the pictures instead of the files!

How much would one charge me to send me a colt version? I'm in Fort Worth if there is a nearby printer

I can help you out, email [email protected] and I will work up a price and shipping.

In case no one gets back to you, if you go to 3dhubs.com and upload the file, you can see a bunch of local printers in your area and how much they each charge along with what materials and colors they have available.

Thanks for the great tip! I'm new to printing and this is something I was hoping to look into.

I printed your display stand on a maker bot Z 18. It came out beautifully we are going to add some paint to the Springfield Armory logo and the 1911 text then I will upload a photo. Great design.

Nice job too bad It dont fit my cheap Hi Point 45.

of course it doesnt fit a hi point, it isnt designed for a hi point and the dimensions of a 1911 are completely different.

Comments deleted.

I'm "That Guy" any chance the Kimber one could be shrunk to fit a print bed of 150 × 100 × 125 mm (6 × 4 × 5 inches)?

I hope it ain't too much to ask, but would you mind adding a widened magwell extension version to L=35.35mm W=24.75mm? I have a double stack 1911. I would LOVE to display my pistol like this! Also, would you mind adding the Rock Island Armory logo to both the double stack and single stack versions?

Would like to try to print this in 2 color. Is it possible to upload the stand and logo (Kimber and Colt) as separate files?

Can you make one for 9mm dan wesson?

I wish that I could but unfortunately I would need the pistol on hand to take measurements and prototype.

do you have one without the bullets? this one is too big for my printer :-(

I should be able to upload a modified version for smaller printers, what is your printbed size so I can keep it under?

Love the display stand, I sliced it using Cura then sent to Octoprint to an Anycubic 13 Mega, when the printer reached the top of the rounds holder, Octoprint said I was 100% done and the printer stopped.
Any thoughts?

No clue how that could have happened. Maybe the gcode got corrupted between Cura and Octoprint?

is there any easy way to flip this around so the left side of the pistols being displayed?

I believe in Cura there is a mirror feature for each axis that should work for you

Any chance you could upload a design with the Remington logo? Thanks!

Absolutely man! When I get some free time this week I'll get it done and shoot you an update when its up!

Remington logo just got uploaded!

Comments deleted.

It should be, me and a few others uploaded makes of it at full scale and it came out correct

what are the demensions for it? When i put it into cura it is 101.6mm x 50.8mm x 30.8mm. i printed at this dimension just in case i was wrong and it's super small.

The dimensions should be 177.8mm x 88.9mm x 53.975mm (7in x 3.5in x 2.125in). Which version did you print? I know the Taurus, Sig, and unbranded are correct because those are the ones that were physically made. All of the versions should be the same because they were all generated from the same model, but it might be a possibility that a couple of them may have exported wonky. I'll definitely look into it and try to help you get this figured out!

Awesome design! Any chance of creating a Para Ordnance version? I'm fairly positive the dimensions will be different.

Without having the physical pistol to measure it would be pretty difficult

Dude! That's sweet!!!
Only problem is I have a 1991A1

Are the dimensions the same? I could change the text to a 1991A1 if the stand will fit lol

Y, exact same...just make another copy for the 1991A1
It's all good...very good design though

Cool work ! Thank you for sharing.

nice work, any chance using a Kimber logo?

gjviii, your Kimber logo is available!

thanks printing now

Yeah, I probably can, I'll hop on it in my free time and get it uploaded