Mini Arcade Machine

by iClint Mar 31, 2017
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How do you power all the components ie the buttons/sticks, audio amplifier, and monitor? Do they all take power from the actual RPI itself or do they all plug into the wall separately? If so how would I have them not do that.

The control panel appears to have no screw holes (except for the joystick) yet the instructions say to "manoeuvre the control panel into correct position and secure with 4 Socket head screws." What is being screwed into where here exactly?

I did my best to hide the screws for a nice clean look. From memory the screw holes are on the side, counter sunk into the fillet.

Just broke my leg and at the hospital, when I get home I will take a pic to show you

Ack, get well soon and thanks.

Hey Clint, this thing's great but I'd like to be able to make some adjustments. Any chance of providing the original model files? As hacking on the STL's isn't working too well.

Fusion360 Archive is in the Files now.

The STLs don't match the Fusion file. The control panel in the Fusion file has 4 mounting holes as you mentioned, but they aren't in the STL (you can see that in the picture here on Thingiverse, there are no holes in the control panel). The right side panel is also missing a mounting block for the control panel in the STL, but it's there in the Fusion file.

I think unfortunately I may have deleted source files. I will check my backups and post if I find it

Thanks Clint, I'll be anxiously waiting.


I modify the bezel to acommadate the raspberry pi 7" touch screen

Arcade PI screen
by DjJoris

Hi everyone,are this model compatible with official rpi 7"touch screen?are any user modified the bezel for fit the screen?anyone can link a arcade project for rpi3 with official 7"touch?really thanks

https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3172959 here it is please post a make if you printed one

Arcade PI screen
by DjJoris

Is there any way you could add a new control panel with Sanwa button sizes? You currently have it set for Happ buttons and it really doesn't leave much room underneath for those who use LED Happ buttons (My mistake as LED Happ buttons are really long and reflect too brightly off the screen). Other than that this seems to be the best one with a 7 inch Display I have printed. Printing my second on right now but holding off on the control panel. I will post made pictures soon.

I bought some 30mm buttons and printed the top plate that you put them in, however, the holes are too small. Measuring them with calipers they are about 27.6mm. I printed on the same printer as you, the Prusa mk2. The joystick fits fine so I don’t think it’s a scaling issue. Not really sure what’s going on, do you have any ideas? I really want to build this. The design is awesome, and I thank you for sharing it!

Ran into the same issue myself, the holes appear to be less than a millimeter too small for the buttons to actually fit.

EDIT: I measured the holes in TinkerCAD and it seems the holes are 28mm, so that leaves only 0.4mm tolerance for printing which explains why it's so close. The ones I bought are apparently exactly 28mm so there's zero room for error.

It looks really nice. Well done and thanks for sharing.

Would you be able to post a revised bezel print with the top screw holes moved up approx 3.5mm? My 7" display is different and has the screw holes on the back instead of the top.

The base and the top panel are both missing from your files.

Thanks for picking that up, I have added them.

Hi. Unfortunately, some parts are missing, can you please upload them? (bottom part, top panel with vent holes).

I really want to make this, but my printer will barely fit any of them. I have the 5 in display. Is it possible to scale this down to fit the 5 inch screen? Or if possible if the models are in it?

what size is you print bed X Y & Z?

how many buttons do you want?

It's a 200 x 200 x 200 build volume

And for buttons, the and amount there.

it would be nice to see this size ( maybe jigsawed or puzzle pieced together ) that would work on the A8 bed. ( 220x220 )

Awesome project and awesome instructions. Thanks for taking the time!

Hmm, My Anet A8 only has a 220x220 bed.. Anyone printing these as a kit and selling them? Or is it possible to "Jigsaw" some pieces into smaller prints? and assemble?

if the creator doesnt mind, im going to remix this with dovetail joints like my other Select Mini remixes to fit my tiny print are of 120x120, hope to have it uploaded some time this week

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