3D Printed Chainmail

by Roman13 Mar 31, 2017
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Did you ever try copying the current layer, flipping the copy upside down so it lines up with the top of the bottom layer and adding links on one side to try and print a larger connected sheet?

Yes I did. The problem is that if one of the rings breaks loose from the raft when printing a "single layer" sheet usually most of it will print OK and can be salvaged/repaired with the connecting ring. When I tried to print a "Multi-layer" piece, having that one ring break loose caused a cascading failure of the whole print.

Any chance you would be willing to shape this into a glove? Would be awesome to print one

edit: also could you do a sheet thats just 4 rings? Would im trying to get my setting perfect :)

I add a file called calibration. It should help for adjusting your printer.

As for gloves? These rings are too big, they would not be very functional. They do how-ever work great for Demi-gloves/demi-gauntlets. feel free to print out a few sheets and give it a try. Currently, I'm tied with a few projects.

Thank you very much!

How long does it take you to print one? My slicer says it will take around 16 hours...

It takes me 8-9 hours to print a full sheet now. I was able to shave off a few hours by adjusting my raft settings.

This is such a great thing to make! I'm about a dozen sheets into a chainmail shirt, plus the 6 or so sheets that I consider 'rejects' while I refined my printer settings. The rejects make really terrific fidget toys.

Crazy question: is there a way you can put the STEP files on here for editing? If not I understand I just thought it would be easier for me to make the sizes I need.

I created this using 123D design. This site will not upload .123dx files.

Great design. I want to try to do this in much smaller scale, at 1:6 scale for an action figure. If I can get it to print, is there any possibility that you could make a much larger piece, since at that scale, these sheets are only about 22mm square.

Yes I can. How big would you like it?

Actually, might not work. It seems that if I scale it to 1:6 (16.667%) that the parts are too thin for my printer to print.

My build pad is 120mm x 120mm. I guess if I'm going to do 1/6 scale, it could be up to 720mm at normal size, unless I got my math wrong, which has happened before.

How do you set up the bottom rafting to make the 4x4 set and also making it easy to pull off? I have a Monoprice Mini Select with a 120mm building cube area and want to figure out how to set the rafting to be easy to pull up since my print isn't pulling off of the rafting well.

I'm using a different printer and slicer, but my total air gap is .3mm. Less than that seems to make it really hard to take off the raft.

Sorry for the late reply. Try adjusting the air gap setting.

The arranged rings aren't printing right, so I'm gonna print the open rings and put it together and close the rings by melting the plastic together with an empty hot glue gun. If you used a soldering iron, how did you clean the plastic off the tip? and do you think a hot glue gun would work?

I got the arranged rings to print properly and I'm gonna use a solder iron my girlfriend says i can use :D thx!

Well i have the same problems you had. What did you change? I tried to print it with a height of 0.15 and very low speed of 10mm/s to no avail. It seem the rings orientated to the positive y axis are doing mostly well but those along the negativ y axis have problems with the overhangs.

Ahh, thank you so much! I made some "stringmail" (knitted cotton yarn in a pattern that looks a bit like chainmail) for a cosplay but always wanted something more accurate looking, without the cost and weight. This will be perfect. :D

Sorry for off topic, very beautiful girl, good luck to you. =)

Man I am hiving Trouble it keeps failing all the rings get knocked off the raft after an hour or so. what am I doing wrong, I REALLY WANT TO PRINT THIS :)


Check your Air Gap and First Layer Airgap settings. My setting is a total 0.22. What print speed and layer height are you using?

Hey there this looks amazing. Would you be able to make a version of the joined chainmail square a bit smaller, maybe 4" by 4"? I have a monoprice select mini with a small printbed size but would love to give this a try.

Hey, I'm going to be looking to make this soon with the same printer you have, any tips you can give me on getting it set up?

Make sure you print with a raft. It wont work otherwise... and it will take A LONG LONG TIME for you to print an appreciable amount of chainmail, so be patient.

I apologize, I had not seen your comment until today. I have created and added a file to fit your printer.

No need to apologize. Thanks a lot! I'll give it a try and post a made it if it's successful.

i did a full chest out handmade chainlinks. that i made. how they managed to get that done in the old days getting ready for wars etc. takes a long time by hand as one person. so i think after making the real stuff. i would be happy to print them out and do it this way. great work i will try this later.

I feel the same way. I make my own rings when using metals. I have made and assembled well over a million rings. For me to make the same shirt out of steel would have taken me 2 months and weigh 15-20 pounds. The one I printed weighs 3.5 pounds and my printer (which is currently down) did most of the work.

(Probably won't make this - too many other distractions, etc). But, can you upload just a single ring? That way folks can create a plate of as many rings as their printer will allow.

The rings have to be arranged properly to be printed. If needed (just ask me) I will modify the files for larger and smaller printers.

Agreed - for the assembled sheet. Sorry, wasn't clear but I was referring to the open rings to join the sheets.

No problem. I added the file.

I have personally never built such a chainmail but one close friend of mine has... using steel... so i do really understand the pain/investment it represents. Your work is incredible! Congrats!

I don't know if the girl or the guy in the pics made this, but due to her pic up first I read it in my made of voice for her. Either way, you rock. That is an awesome design and extraordinarily clever. I however do not have the patience for a project that is chainmail. Perfection!