Water jet

by joepvdw Mar 31, 2017
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By my math, sizing this up 156.25% should make it fit a 540 size brushless. I'll let you know how it turns out.

What size of motor did you design it for?
Want to use it with a 6368 280KV 12 S motor
So how much do I have to scale it?


I printed mine on 140% so that I can use a 4 mm shaft. .. and it works like a dream!!! Running a brushed motor for now. . Waiting for my brushless setup

How do you prevent the water from flowing in the motor compartment ? Some sort of lip seal ?

The water is moving the opposite direction, and that end has lower pressure.

brushless motors are waterproof, no need to worry about anything. there's waterproof ESCs too so there's no need for full on waterproofing.

So freaking amazing ! I actually need a jet turbine for a 5000 watts 500 kv brushless motor, and I wonder if I could upscale it to say 40 cm long ?

Depends what you make it out of

Ha ha ha ha ha ha. No.

Post pics and a video if you do :D

What kind of output do you get and at what RPM?

Hi, great design. I've printed a section/spacer to connect this to Ttipton's - Rc boat hull designs (https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2166388). I'm about to design an output nozzle, but I wondered if you had the version in the video clip available to save some time?

Happy to share the piece I made for Tiptons hull designs if it's of any value.

Rc boat hull designs
by Ttipton

I would be interested in your section of Ttiptons hull if you wouldn't mind sharing.

also a nice design!
i uploaded the nozzle with a steering and trim option.

Water jet nozzle
by joepvdw

This is a great design, thanks for sharing!

what size motor was used ????
and how did you attach the shaft to the motor ???


oh yeah,, and plans for the outlet ??/

I have printed out this design.
What motor did you use? or what type? My Traxxas slash motor is too big. Was it a drone motor?
What shaft did you use?
How did you connect the Prop to the shaft?

Thanks for good models.
But for perfect needed just once is a integrated nut mounts :)

Can you share output nozzle model, please?

Wow it's nice. Can you share the source? I need to update it to fit with my motor.

Some 3d programs can import STL files. I can edit STL files with Maxon Cinema 4d. The program even supports the original scale

nice....O wonder if it will fit in a fast attack naval vessel.

Would kind of power does this thing use. I have a .21 nitro engine that I would like to make jet boat with. Also, how do you design the impeller. I wouldn't have to make a new, since the nitro engine runs the other direction. Awesome design.

try "mirror" on your slicer software... on the z axis probably. dont know. havent looked at the file...

I have also a designe for a nitro/gas engine. When it is ready and tested i will share it. On the moment need a lot of time for school..

Thanks. That's really awesome

can i have all of the part links pls

how do you get the propeller to stay in

hi, i need it for an 5 gallon (20 lit) jug that have 65mm cap, can u design an screw mount and hose under it?? Please

shaft bearing and motor used?

623ZZ bearing.
i used a brushless motor. But dont know what type.
Let me know if your motor don't fit, then give me the right hole dimensions and i design another motor mount for you.

That is very kind of you! Nice seeing people like you offering their help without asking for anything in return...thanks again

I think you missing the most important element here?
Some fan or spiral must be there??

I have upload a prop. I think its complete now.

Now it is indee Joep !!! THank you very much ! Will download and give it a try

You're welcome!
Let me know if you need another prop. Or another fix for the motor.

This thing is sick!! Congrats in the awsome design. What did use for the shaft and how is the impeller holding on shaft?