360' Miniature Painting Holder

by Tyrone331 Apr 1, 2017
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I've remixed this in my hopes of breaking the 1 STL up into it's individual pieces.
If the author could validate some data for me that I have asked below, or if they wish to contact me; I could validate my process and sizes.
For now, the thing is a Work In Progress and should be treated as such. I did scale all pieces the same way and size so until I am done printing this myself; I cannot say if they will 'interact' with each other properly.
Link @ https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2835191


360' Miniature Painting Holder (Individual Re-Scaled/Meshed)

I know this is an older model but I was able to break up each individual mesh into its separate pieces however the scale is incorrect which each part of the round models being 13 inches in diameter.

Could you let me know what was the overall size of each piece or a rough guess on the diameter of each of the 'round' parts as well the length of the finger rests so I might get a more accurate resolution of the size you intended?


I may have found it myself. Just doing some eyeball scaling in Simplify3D as well with Fusion 360 it seems my individually separate files scale down 90% of their original and gets me roughly into the ballpark it seems. I'll try to give it a shot and print a few pieces and as long as the scaling is the same; they should interact with each other well.

For comparison, the light blue is your original and the purple is my separate STL for that piece. Overlay looks pretty spot on.

If this works I may Remix your original if that's OK.


Comments deleted.

I am only seeing one part. I don't see the rest of the parts.

Sorry about that I put all the stuff in one file

Could you split them up into individual files? The bottom right part did not print for me until the second layer, I think it may be offset a little.