Prusa I3 Mk2 Spool holder with filament guide

by fpikus Apr 1, 2017
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Does this spool holder work with 2.3 kg spools?

I only have one 3kg spool, and it's way too large (diameter is too large, it won't fit). So probably not.

Do 2.3kg spools fit in there?

I don't have any so can't check it, my guess it'll be close (thin 1kg spool takes a bit less than half of the length, wide spool takes all the length but the diameter could be larger). What are the dimensions of your spool?

What is the difference between this one and the link in your description?

Just the letters

Top notch spool holder!

When can we get it with the MK2S logo? Even cooler would be the letters broken out as pieces so we could print them in black and superglue them into the logo cutouts.

I also want to note that it prints out just fine at 0.35 layer height, for a quicker print.

Also would be nice to have a version without the filament guide. Just in my quick first test I see that the filament gets a quite severe bend when carriage is all the way up to the left. PLA (in particular if it's been sitting around a while) may just snap with that kind of bend.

Also note that the filament rod really doesn't have to be round, but could be oval shaped to save plastic, it'd be plenty strong.

MK2S is easy: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2220919
I included an STL file of the text, but fitting the letters in may be tricky because of the shrinkage.

I know what you mean about bending the filament, it happens for large Z when the extruder is close to the top of the frame. You don't have to use the guide, you can just run the filament over it if you know that you print a tall part, but you get another problem when the extruder moves to the X limit at large Z: the filament may come off the spool. This depends on the spool and how full it is, but the reason I added the guide was that for "fat" spools which come with filament wound almost to the edge, I would get few loops of filament come off the spool like a slinky, then filament gets wound around the spool holder. Really, the only good solution to this is to mount the spool well above the printer, assuming you have space and can build a shelf there. Then you can use this holder instead: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2251103.

Prusa I3 Mk2 Spool holder with filament guide
by fpikus
The ultimate[r] spool holder
by fpikus