Minimal Raspberry Pi Zero Case/Holder

by Pyromaniac Apr 2, 2017
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Very elegant simple design.
and quick to print with little material.


would it be possible to release the source files for this? I really like the idea but have different boards to fit.

Best regards,

Hey, thanks for the info. Again someone who sells by design...what can I do now? I think its OK, but he should have told me, or better, tipped me :) but the total tips for this design are still at: 0
I understand if no one tips me if he/she uses this design for private purpose, but if he/she earns money, its a bit different...and the guy earned 17 times $7, that's more than $100.
Not a nice guy...maybe karma will visit him ;-)

Cool! Can you do in same style holders for other popular boards like Arduino?

If the weather here in Germany stays that bad, the chances will be good that I will create more 3D stuff... ;-)

If you made this in openscad, would you mind adding the files?

Hey, sorry, but this is not designed in openscad.

I like the design and simplicity. Would it be easy to make a cover for this base to click over the corners of this case to close the top side of the pi? Of course you need some holes for the connectors and the sd-card...

I know what you mean, maybe I will do something like this if I have some more free time again. At the moment I'm pretty busy.

Incredible! Your other RPi cases are sweet too!

This holder rocks, perfect mount for my octoprint server...

Thanks, and nice to hear it's useful for you :)

Very nice, this would also be usefull for the other Raspberry types.

Thanks dude, the other types are W.I.P. ;)

The simplest things are often the best, great! Thanks!
Just one comment: Shouldn't it be 70 mm instead of cm

Oh, of course its only "mm", not "cm" haha =)

Thank you for the hint, I will change it.

Very Nice! ;)
Not everybody such good ideas.

One of those perfect designs! Excellent !

I think you feel it yourself - this idea and its implementation are really great. :)
Awesome! Congratulations!