Adidas Futurecraft 3D printed Sneaker

by AndresVH Apr 2, 2017
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Hey bro, how did you do the sole? I wan't to make a crocs sole.

This design is awesome I like it

I modeled the sole based of a 3d scan of the original sole using surface modeling in Solidworks. You can find more info in the description

Ok, thank you, where do I can contact you? I wan't to tell you something.

if you want you can send an email to andres_vanhooydonck@hotmail.com

what flexible filament would you recommend for this?

I used Saintsmart TPU but its a bit too stiff to be honest. If you can find anything more flexible like ninjaflex or something similar I think that would be better.

Do you a file on google drive for the one piece sole? i just thought it looks cooler without the bar going down the side of the out sole. Unless it is needed for structural reasons.

I only have the two piece part. It's needed to be able to print the sole in two separate pieces. My printer is limited to a 220mm size. I considered only doing the piece in the middle of the sole but the lattice structure is impossible to print well enough to be able to connect two pieces in the middle. Thats why it's there

by any chance do you have a one piece that you could post

ether way i am gonna have to try this. it is too cool.

Sorry I don't have it in one piece. I might do a redesign at some point but not for now. Good luck, let me know how it goes (try to print the samples first, its not easy to print)

Comments deleted.

The whole sole is printed using a cheap FDM printer, some parts are taken from the donor shoe. I made it using TPU, ninjaflex or any similar flexible material will work fine.

The whole sole is printed using a cheap FDM printer, some parts are taken from the donor shoe. I made it using TPU, ninjaflex or any similar flexible material will work fine.

What kind of shoe is in the 5th picture? I am starting my own project with this and I would like to get the same shoe as seen in the 5th picture here.

The 5th picture is an image of an early future craft 3d prototype. The upper is from the Adidas Ultraboost 1.0 which is hard to find now. But it's easy to find the Ultraboost 3.0 or 4.0. The sole is 3d printed. https://lacedup.com/products/adidas-ultra-boost-1-0-triple-white

Thank you. I have one more question, in the files I downloaded, there are two files for two different types of style soles, one is the one in the 1st picture and in the 5th picture, it looks like the actual prototype from adidas. Both look to be for one foot, left and right. I can’t find the left and right versions of both files. Unless it’s meant to be like that. If you could tell me if it’s supposed to be like that,that would be very helpful, thanks.

Most slicers have the option to mirror the files. I'm not sure about the the files I provided, it's been a while but one of them is the final prototype and has to be printed in two parts (front and back). Most slicers have the option to mirror the files do if you want to make both shoes, make sure to mirror the file for the other side.

How did you make the lattice structure in between and solid bottom and top layer using meshmixer? I bet Taulman Bridge Nylon would work perfectly for this.

Here is a good tutorial for the lattices https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ffmg1E3m1Ak :) I actually printed a sole in Taulman Nylon but the sole was waaay to stiff. When reducing the lattice size to the point it got flexible, the sole was too flexible.

How to create support without creating it in the sole?

If you are using cura you can choose to only use support where the support would be touching the buildplate. This way the underside of the sole is supported but the inside will not be!

Would anyone be interested in collaborating on a v2 of the project?

Do you mean the ultraboost 4D (most recent sole design) I would love to, but honestly I have no idea what software to use to create structures like the 4D.

Yeah! that sounds great, I also have no idea what software to use.

Hello - is there a file for the base of the shoe that contacts the ground? It's pictured in the image of the shoes in white/clear final design. I'd be willing to glue it on without a mechanical interlock. Thanks!

Also wondering the same thing.

The part that contacts the ground was taken from the fake donor shoe. For some reason it didn't have a complete outsole. That's why it has this shape. I don't have a model of this part though :/

Got it. Thank you for the response.

How were you able to print the front part without support? I´m printing filaflex with the Prusa mk2s and it´s been impossible to print the front part.

I do print the front part with supports enabled, but just everything touching the build plate so you don't get support in between the lattices.

My printer can’t handle the TPU does anyone know somewhere or someone that can print them for me?

I can print these out for you, using Ninja Flex TPU (white) and water dissolvable supports for prob. $25? I have a flashforge creator pro.

do you think you could do this for me i don't have a 3d printer

Will ninjaflex Work?

It might even work better since it's a bit more flexible compared to TPU :)

you will need supports with flexible materials, so be prepared to spend almost 400gr of filament per sole

where did you buy the fake ultra boost. i think i am gona print it nice file i take´s a wile do slice but nice

I bought mine on ioffer, they are pretty bad but I only paid like €20. You might be able to find better fakes for that price, they use pictures of the original ultra boost so the quality is hard to tell before receiving them.

but haw do you mirror it what soft ware do you use

Just use whatever slicer you want to use, it's a basic feature every slicer has

wait my printer does not support cura and my software is vary limited it cant mirror trust me I use an xyz machine

Do you think your XYZ machine is able to print flex material and print this without support on the inside? If you can't mirror the file using your slicer, give Meshmixer a try, it's a free mesh editing software.

It can print TPU and thanks for all the help I will try meshmixer.

you can only make one shoe because he has two files only the right shoe

You can just mirror the print to get the left shoe...

Could you make this into the cube like they did?
Would be really cool to have.

Doesn't matter now just saw it.

How many grams weigh one sole?

I think its about 300g per sole :)

I love your design. Thank you for sharing. I am wondering if you are considering making a Futurecraft 4D model?

Wish I could but the lattice structure of the F4d is waaaaay more complex. If I were to model this one I'd have to find a way to replicate the lattice structure. The F3d's lattices are more generic and there are a few programs available that can make this but not the F4D unfortunately.

How can you make it smaller like a size 9

You can scale the model to whatever size you want, you can use sizing tables to calculate the difference in percentage and calculate what scale you need for size 9. I added a two part sole which you can print in vase mode so you can test the scale without wasting too much material.

What is the size of this

He said about US11

I made it for my own shoe size but each variant of the ultra boost differs a bit in sizing, I added a sole without lattices which you can print in vase mode to test your size, just play around with the scaling a bit.

Have you tried printing the one-piece sole? Do you have a final lattice in one piece?

Hi, I tried in the beginning of the process bit it was printed using a BCN3d Sigma with a bigger build volume. The updated file was split in two parts to make sure it is printable on most printers. Unfortunately they are not just cut straight in the middle but connected with dove tails etc and I changed the files a lot after they were cut in two so It would be a lot of work to get a one piece sole out of it. However, I chose the place connection point so it wouldn't really be noticeable.

how would i size it down, just in my slicer? Im trying to get it to a size 42 (10 1/6 inches)

Sorry for the late reply. Totally missed your comment, if I'm not mistaken you should scale at about 75%. I included a solid two part sole so you can print a testprint in vase mode to make sure the scaling is correct without wasting too much material.

you used TPU? never printed with this material. Does it behave like a adidas sole? And did you experienced any breaks after wearing it? Is it wearable? And did you thought about using solay?
Thank you

TPU is extremely durable! Its a bit harder than the normal sole bit definitely wearable

alright! one last question, which grad did you use? the softest a85 TPU?

The brand didnt specify the shore hardness but I used saintsmart tpu, a bit more flexible would be more suitable though :)

Thank you a lot! :)

I found the shore hardness of the TPU I used, it's 95A

Would be awesome if you could upload just the top layers of the model. To use for scaling.

I added the sole without lattices so you can test fit. Print them in vase mode and glue the two halve together. It should be about the same shape as the final sole.

Hey I am really thinking about doing this do some old shoes I have, but I cannot figure out the scale part, and was wondering if you could help me out. I'm trying to get the model into US12. Also you have uploaded the left and right shoe models and they are the same starting size also?

The correct files are in the onedrive link in the description, they were too big for Thingiverse. Each sole consists out of 2 a front part and a back part. The other side is just the same but a mirror, you can do that in your slicer. Try scaling at 103%, if you want to make sure measure the shoe from front to end and and scale the model until its the same size. Good luck

that is a really awesome projekt. :)

For the sole what kind've filament did you use/recommend?

I used TPU filament, some other flexible might work too, not sure though.

Where did you get the lattice cylinders if you didn't model?



I used meshmixer, it uses an algorithm to creathe the lattice structure. You can choose the angle, thickness and densitiy of the lattices.

awesome thats what i thought thanks!

Will you be making a Futurecraft 4D? And when? Thanks!

I wish I could but the Futurecraft 4D is way more complex and I don't know any software to create lattices as used in the 4D. Maybe in the future but not for now.

Hello i see you have update yhe files with UB3.0 she usefull for what ?

just a more accurate design. Still working on it. It'll still be a few weeks untill I have time but then I'll definitely make a final version and try it out on a real shoe.

ok cool i stay tuned

Hello I have some question about your Future Craft outsole:
1: What is the size of the sole file? (And how to change the size)
2: What material did you use for the sole?
3: And the file you give for the sole is for the right or left foot or is it "universal"?
Thank you :)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jcfxphl0utk (sole swap of a UB)

Hey this is about a size EU45 1/3, US11 or UK10. I think you can scale it to some extent use a foot size table to calculate the scaling amount. for now I've used pla, abs and nylon for the soles but they are very hard. I have made a sample in TPU which is very promising. I'm still working on a final sole. This one is for the left foot but you can mirror the file if you want the right foot. I'll soon be finishting this project with the final files and a system to print each sole in two parts and connect them using a dove tail system.

Ok thanks you but i don't have any knowledge in 3D so i dont know how too proceed to replace de 45 in 40 ^^ and the 2nd pic is of you ?
PS : What software do you use?

The second picture is the original I am trying to replicate. size 45 is 29cm and 40 is 25.5cm So (29+(25.5-29))/29=0.879. So you have to scale the model down with factor 0.879. I use solidworks to model the shoe and meshmixter to add the lattices :)

and the 2nd pic was made by someone note adidas its the 3rd the true one im wrong ?

Yeah I think you are right, most of the pictures of the futurecraft 3d are without the cage and with some kind of screen printed logo on the side. Maybe it's a previous prototype or something or someone else might have attempted to make it.

Yep im prety sure bute if it made by some one its un very good job of sole swap and i scale it of 87.93% but i dont find how too make the right foot did you have it ?

I wouldn't print it just yet. Its probably too big for most printers 25-30cm and the model is not perfect yet, the lattice thickness is not optimal for now and I cannot confirm it will fit. I'll soon continue the project though

ok so i will wait you gonna upload the next step on this page ?

I will post it on this page soon!

alright i try this thanks ;)

Also, thanks for the video. Will be usefull

Have you found any good fake ultraboosts out there? Hopefully getting an SLA over the summer and probably the first project using that machine.

I bought some fakes on iOffer, they havent arrived but seem decent. Be sure to print with flexible filament if you are going to use SLA because normal sla resin is very brittle and stiff. I printed in TPU with my fdm printer and it gave me very great results, I'll post updates soon!

If you're interested, check out /r/repsneakers on reddit for some info on high quality replicas that could be great for this purpose. I may be trying this out if I end up ordering some TPU.

Awesome, thanks! I'll check it out

Hi! just wondering if i could know the setting for the meshmixer when u made the lattice structure?

I tried several settings, you can choose the thickness and the spacing between the lattices. For the thickness I tried between 1-2mm and for the spacing 4-7mm. It all depends on the flexibility of the material you choose. I printed a full size one in Nylon and used 1.2mm thickness an 7mm spacing. It has some flex but is not very strong. My next test will be in TPU.

Also I rotated the vertices 35° on one axis and 45° on another axis

Oh good thank you. Sorry because I'm new to meshmixer, could I ask you how to change the axis angles?

Actually, don't worry about it. Thanks!

Good luck, let me know if you need any help! and be sure to show your results

How did you get the sole back on the shoe in the second picture?

I didn't, It's the original design from Adidas (Futurecraft 3d). But I would suggest barge cement, thats what they usually use to glue the midsole to the upper ;)

I don't think the upper will be printable using FDM printing. I suggest buying some fakes and using a hot air gun to melt the glue and remove the original soles to replace them with the 3D printed soles. However, PLA won't give you any flex, I'll soon be trying to print them in nylon, I thank thats my best shot to get the required flexibility.

Hi nice upload, is there anyway you can upload how you did it to print? i mean that you cut it in 3 parts. or i didnt understand what you mean. i want to print this on a 210x210x210(mm) printer and this will be more than that to print for my feet. Thanks for your share and dont stop sharing. Sorry for my bad english, cheers from Argentina.

Hey, unfortunately I am not able to print it big enough to fit my feet. My buildplatform is 220x220x240. So far I haven't figured out how to print it with a size of about 280-300mm :/