IKEA lack table leg extentions and brackets

by insidethemindofmatt Apr 2, 2017
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How tall is the extension? I'm getting all my pieces ready (including purchasing parts and I just want to figure out how big my panels will need to be.

My bad... i just re read the description on amazon. The aluminum being referenced is the type of wire. I think im ok.

ok cool good luck post a I made if ya can like to see your results

Hey Matt I was wondering if there was any problems getting the clips and magnets to interact with each other. I noticed the clips you linked were aluminum. I wanted to check and make sure the magnets would still attract the clips before ordering. Any issues here?

Ill post my make in the next few days. all the leg extensions printed great in hatchbox pla.

If I linked aluminum ones it was an oversight I’ll look at and correct the link but you’ll want steel ones. Or stop at a hardware store and maybe they is a better alternative

Hey matt what size are the plex panels once you cut them to fit? I already have some lexan and want to make sure I have enough before using this solution. Also can you provide an amazon link for the magnets and the clips used on the panels. Love the videos btw! great work.

17.5 inches wide 18.5 inches tall bottom corners maybe a little notch or made 18 tall
the magnet - http://amzn.to/2ig75Md
and the clips where grounding clips for electrical boxes - http://amzn.to/2yXyGfj
Thanks for watching my videos hope your subscribed 1000 subs is close will be a giveaway :)

Thanks dude. Ohh one more thing. Any idea what the print settings were. Ive been trying to print in abs and the print always has one corner that curls up. Its driving me nuts. Im switching to pla. Any tips on the print settings would be very helpful. Im printing on a heated glass bed.

ABS is a tricky material to print. If you don’t have an encloseure get or build one make sure you bed is level at that corner and print a wide brim with ABS.
What is your adhesive assistance?

Ive tried blue painters tape, elmers adhesive spray glue that has acetone in it. The elmers works best but not perfect. The only thing i havent tried yet is an abs slurry.

what type of screws did you use?

Comments deleted.

I just use some coarse sheetrock screws myself

Trying out your design, but after about an hour of printing my print just stopped, tested the printer, nothing wrong. So going to give it another try.

Thanks for the design!

did you get a chance to try again I've printed 8 so far they do take a while but nothing wrong with the model did you figure out the problem?

mine did stop to. About one inch in the print.

Well I copied your design and made my own in Fusion360 and my print stopped as well. So I am having an other issue here. Sorry to have set you on the wrong foot here. Probably a faulty sd card I guess.
I will try again tomorrow with your stl's and get back to you.
BTW I like your videos on yt!

I printed the base for the leg again and the stl is rock solid.