K8200 / 3DRAG Parallel Z-Axis Spindle Gear

by donboy Jan 9, 2014
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Some Things to improve:

  • The extension arm guide does not allow the Nut to turn around the fixing axe definde by the two screws, better add some free space to the hexagon hole to prevent axe to get jammed.
  • The Teeth of the Pulleys are not deep enough. So the necessary high tension of the belt jammes the axe movement.
  • the Idler Pulley has a too low thickness. Was broken after 4 hours.
  • Spanner solution better made only by metal. I used a sequence of big washer, small washer, ball bearing, small washer, big wascher on the M8x15
  • right spindle must be shorter than left one I propos a 330 mm and 400 mm for the right.
  • the spindle stop might be obsolete
  • Some advice about new wire relocation is missing

Thanks for your comment, indeed there are some improvements possible. But in your case, I suspect an over-tightened belt. It isn't necessary tightening the upper belt very strong. It is enough that the teeth do not skip, not more! The right spindle has only a function as a guidance...the hard work is already done by the left side! In my case this original construction works since 1 1/2 years without any problems

Thanks indeed this is a issue. But high tension at belt was needed to prevent belt from sliding. The teeth of the pulley do not have the planned steepness after printing. So I now constructed a pulley with more steepness at the teeth. I used 30 degree instead of 40 degree defined by the belt. Hope this prevents belt from sliding at lower spanner force.

where would I get the belt from. I have everything else but can't find a belt

HI Ullisees, i got mine from https://zahnriemen24.de/artikelno_Polyurethan-Zahnriemen_T5https://zahnriemen24.de/artike... , a german shop. Seems they´re shipping around europe. Greets

Donboy, Thats an awesome build and I am tempted to make a copy but I have a concern. Now the z axis arm is attached to the right side leadscrew does it tend to wobble against that leadscrew in the y axis?
Would you consider an adaptation where the extra leadscrew is taken to one side and the original guide remains in place to prevent y direction wobble. Maybe the t8 vs. m8 vs. spindle? makes the difference?

Hi Crashmatt, for sure! A TR-rod is much more better than a normal M-rod because TR-rods are made for this kind of function! You never will get a wobble-free Z-Axis if only one of your rods is slightly bent. Anyway you can use a more stable version of my right side mounting if you take a look at improvement made by ptesla http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:259722http://www.thingiverse.com/thi...

velleman k8200 2nd z spindel
by ptesla

Do you have a link to your extruder gear cover?

I'm sorry, not yet because it was my own development and I saw already a couple of Covers here. I will provide it with the next upload of the GT2 modifications. Greetings Don

i clearly understood t81.5 is better then m81.25. As a normal boy i want everithing and sumulteniosly, but...My suppplier promised me 2 monthes for t8 delivery . so i'll start with m8. i wish you success with GT2 and waiting for results because i'm not saticfied with the X and Y quality too.
sorry for my not native english.

Thanks for very impressive design and realization. i hope i'll improve my k8200 based on yours ideas. i 'm going to use m8*1.25 rods can you upload one scad file to make changes for the standart nut. i m sure it helps to lots of people.

yes of course, but i please for little patience, because i´m working on an upgrade for the GT2 on Y axis.
My suggestion, do not use an M8 threaded rod but take a spindle rod. This gives much better results