LED Bridge Lamp Remix

by Protopix Apr 2, 2017
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Hi good job, what kind of led did you use? link?


Could you please upload the step file for "LED_guide_one_piece_style2_v6.stl"? Or if you've modeled it with fusion the f3d file?

how long does this thing take to print?

I went through all your parts, the only thing im confused about is the 16pcs arc... you dont mention them anywhere. Did you print 16pcs LBLUC_segment_curved_onepiece_06022017-2 ?

It would be good to update your description with the parts list correctly

ok i worked it out, once everything printed it made sense.

my only question is how do you manage to print LBLUC-segment_set without supports?

It is beautifull, however how do you like it in a daily use? Do you have the light shining directly into your eyes or any incovenients?
Thank you very much!
Alex from Montréal, Canada

could you tell me how many pieces of each file I need to print to assemble the lamp

Lovely! Love the idea changes, but seems I can't get the LED Channel to fit into the original Curved one piece section of @Opossums 's design named "LBLUC_segment_curved_onepiece_06022017-2.stl", did you print this remix by using the separated parts, right?
Seems that separated pieces do not transform into the very same curved segment, therefore, doesn't fix the LED Channel :(

I didn't try to use the original "Curved One Piece Section". The only structural element from the original design that I used (other than the associated helper pieces) was the separate pieces (LBLUC-segment_set.stl) where I had to glue all segment elements together for each of the 16 segments.

I had originally printed a set of the original segment light guides and LED channels but like you, could not get my 10mm LED strips to slide through the LED channels.

I then decided to design my own combined light guide/LED channel that works with the LBLUC-segment_set.stl pieces.

You may need to forgo using the one-piece option if @Opossums cannot provide you an updated one-piece design and use the segment sets and my combined light guide/LED channels. You might try printing out a segment of each and see if it works for you.

Although I did end up using my only foot design and associated pieces, the original foot and associated pieces should still work as I didn't change the tab design of the segments.