HHMI's BioInteractive.org 2013 Holiday Lectures on Science Models

by BioInteractive Feb 14, 2014
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Hello there

Thank you for these files, they look really useful. Can I please double check, if I make the two changes detailed below (up 5.7% and 7.3%) to the sizes, will the Normal and Mutant models be the correct ratio to fit the imatinib/dasatinib/ATP? And roughly what size is the Normal (for example) - hand sized?

Many thanks!

As others have noted, the sectioned models are not sized correctly. If you print them full-scale, the holes/magnets will not align.

In order to get the two halves to align properly...

  • Scale normal_sectioned_02.stl up by 5.7% before printing. Then it will match normal_section_01.stl (at full scale).
  • Scale mutant_sectioned_01.stl up by 7.3% before printing. Then it will match mutant_section_02.stl (at full scale).

I used 12% infill on a Lulzbot Taz 5 with PLA and got good results. Super-glued cylindrical rare-earth magnets (from McMaster Carr) into the holes.

mutant 2 sectioned prints smaller than needed to align with mutant 1 sectioned

I'm not sure if it's an issue with just me, but it seems like Normal_sectioned_02.stl might be too small.

Thank you so much for sharing these files. I have been hoping to have access to them since I first viewed the 2013 Holiday Lectures! I am so excited to print these and share them with my students! What an incredible resource!