Saba Sword

by bermantdesigns Apr 4, 2017
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Nice design! Currently got a request to print that thing for a cosplayer. Tipped you 5 Dollars! Thanks for the design

I m new to 3D printing just got a printer. I have printed several things without any issue but I m having trouble when I print larger things. While it s printing a side or a corner will come loose from the bed. I ve only had it mess up a printing once when a model came completely loose from the bed halfway through the job. I use a glue stick to cover the bed when I start print jobs and don t have this issue with smaller models it s only the larger ones. So two questions what do you guys use to coat your printer bed and do you have any tips to help prevent corners or edges from coming loose? Any help that you guys can give me would be greatly appreciated thank you in advance.

Hello, I read your message you left on one of my designs. If I read it correctly you are asking how to keep the print completely on the bed, right?

What type of plastic are you using?
What type of printer?
Is the print bed heated?
If yes to heated bed what temp are you setting it to?
What are your setting for bed adhesion?

Get back with these answers and I'll try to help as much as I can.

Monoprice Maker Select 3D Printer V2
Heated bed at 60 degrees Celsius
Glue stick for adhesion

I'm not having too much trouble with smaller things it's only the larger items with a large surface area touching the bed that I'm having issues with.

Do you use raft or brim on your prints? I see that PETG is usually wanted to be printed around 80-100 degree for bed temp. Maybe try heating the bed up a little more and try running a large radius print but not very tall and see if you can get it to stick that way.

Ok thank you I am running a brim but I will try a higher temp to see what happens thanks for the help

this is amazing do you have any plans to make the dragon flute? I'd love to have both

it's cool we cant all be perfect like me lmao.

No you’re missing the file for the part that attaches the top of the blade to the middle part

I apologize. It was uploaded. Sorry.


The top of the blade fits inside the mid section. Nothing should be missing.

I love this however I have a Davinci jr and it's too large to print and I can't seem to find a good program for Mac that will make it in sections to print it in parts, wish it was that way already!

What is the full print size you can do? I'll be happy to section it to those parts for you by the weekend.

It's 5.9in x5.9 x5.9 or 149.86mm x 149.86 x 149.86, and dude, you're awesome

I'll have the uploaded later tonight

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