Shoelace Locks V2.0

by Pentland_Designs Apr 4, 2017
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where are files for the button version we can see on the .gif

Hello, why did you remove all STL files for the design with the press button (to unlock)?

I have been using these for a day now and i have snapped the lock system, i love these they make life so much easier!! But it would be awesome if you could make them a little bigger so they don't snap.

I've printed easy version and it just works.

But I can't seem to find stl's for the version with that unlocking button you have shown in the thing details gif image. Where do I find it?

Could the body on the edges extend by 2-3mm? so it would align with the clip when locked and not in the way for the clip or the lock. It's just small area on both sides, but it could improve the bottom of the shoe getting stuck in between the clip and body.

BTW I think some files are mixed up (clean vs easy etc...)

So far I use it for week and I like it

Loving the changes on the v2 so far. Any particular reason the easy latch doesn't have the lip to assist in opening?

Can't wait until you post v2!
Looking forward to printing the new version.

I printed a set in PETG and they're so close to being awesome. I like them better than the Klots style, but they're not the easiest things to unlatch. Because the legs of the button push down below the underside of the latch, it's impossible to just push the button to get it to unlatch. You actually have to lift with your fingers while you press with your thumb. It's easier just to "pinch" the tabs that stick out the end.

I think that ditching the current button and replacing it with a way to pinch those ends might be the key to a super-sleek design that you can undo without using your hands at all.

All in all, they're my favorite design for shoelace quick releases that I've tried yet.

Edit: These are fresh off the printer, with no post-processing done. It's possible that some sanding to smooth the button mechanism would help make it smoother, but I believe that will wear in on its own in time. I've been wearing them for a couple of days now, and the latch is noticeably easier to undo with the button than it was at first.

That's a great and insightful review. I thought the same thing when I made these which lead me to remix them (http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2238530). I'd love to get your impression on that design as well.

by jailcee

I actually started doing the same thing just to see how well it worked. I actually found (at least on mine, though I suspect yours will be the same) that shoes can be just slightly too tight and cause them to unlatch when the foot is flexed. This should be a pretty easy fix, as the interface between the latch tips and the body could just be angled ever so slightly. That would actually cause the latch to be more secure when under pressure, but wouldn't interfere with the unlatching mechanism.

that is really cool but I wait for a better version after I read comments ;)

I printed mine in ABS with -.1 mm tolerance in simplify3d. Works very well if I unlock the shoe lock clip by hand. I had to unlock the locking arm by pushing on one side for it to unlock. I will try a higher tolerance and see if it work better.

I'll be uploading a new version in the next couple of days, the locking arm seemed to be a bit inconsistent and the clip only lasted about a week before it stayed bent when I printed it in PLA. If I used PETG or ABS it would last much longer though.

I tried this in ABS and with a 0.27Layer. Its rather non-functional due to sizing issues and the ramps are way to steep to push the locking handles in.
I try again with finner layers to see if that improves the initial usability, but for the hard ABS i fear the ramps are unusable. Maybe move the pusher more toward the side to reduce forces needed and improve ramps to make it easier in general to push it in.
Great concept so far though! i will try to grind my current print into a usable version anyway.

I just gave a pair to my niece to try, although I've been fiddling with them for most of the day. I found that the transition between the thin and thick part of the clip is too drastic, makes it difficult to unlock if push from the middle 'cause it got caught and not pushing at the locking arm. I had easier time by pushing down on one side, or just unlock by hand. I will have to see what my niece thinks.

Idk about all the suggestions jailcee has, but I think they're on the right track.

It seems like it could be improved, imperfections in the printing process are really my problem though. All in all, I'm wearing one on my right shoe at the moment and am super pleased with it.

Might pop some lithium grease on it. Let's see how long it lasts!

I'm in the process of testing a new version of the design right now. Maybe you can wear the first model on your right shoe and the new one on your left!

After making this I've got a few comments/suggestions.

  1. On the body, looking at it like showed in the thingiview, there is a front and back side that consist of the two largest flat surfaces. On these surfaces the thickness of the sections covering the two channels for the clip are thin compared to the rest of the object. I would guess that these parts cracking would be the primary failure mode. Why not make them just a bit thicker (like an extra mm)? It shouldn't affect the operation of the locking arm and would make the object that much more resilient.
  2. On my prints (PLA) I found that the tolerances were such that the locking arm requires a lot of force to actually move and actuate the clip. I can actuate the clip with my fingers by squeezing the ends that poke out of the end of the body without difficulty (like you do in your video) so the stiffness is not from the clip. I think that the ramp on the locking arm between the "open" and "closed" position is perhaps too steep. A more gentle slope in this part could alleviate this.
  3. An alternate version that has the locking function of the locking arm built into the body and consisting of only the body and the clip might be good as well. This version would rely entirely on using your hands to squeeze the ends of the clip to release it so perhaps slightly longer ends sticking out for better leverage in this version as well.
  4. A four hole version where the channels for the clip are between holes 1&2 and 3&4. Great for clicking in the top of work boots.

As I wrote this I was tempted to just go ahead and make a part as I described as a remix but this is your design and you get "first dibs" ;)

  1. The failure is most likely going to come from the clip no longer holding its position, there isn't any force going on the front and back surfaces of the main body so I think its unlikely to fail.
  2. Try messing around with the infill settings to make it easier. I printed it with 2 perimeters and 15 percent infill. I am printing a new version with a less steep ramp on the locking arm though!
  3. I could do this, but I don't see why someone would want this when the locking arm adds extra functionality.
  4. I will also add a 4 hole variant!

Thank you for all of the comments, I'll make sure to think about these while updating the design

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Pretty sweet. I'm going to put these on all my shoes!

Awesome design. I plan on using these before the end of the day! I am used to tucking the shoestrings down inside my shoe because I am too lazy to tie them.

Yeah before I made this, I just wore all of my shoes super loose so I could slip them on, but this feels much better on the feet.