Anet A8 Spool Holder & Brace

by dz1sfb Apr 4, 2017
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I'd like to adapt this one to the qidi X-Smart. Can you also share your parametric or 3D CAD file?

Have you had any problems with the frame warping or extra vibration while printing? I love the idea of having filament feed from directly above the printer, but I'm not sure sitting a 1kg spool on its acrylic frame is the best idea

I have gone through in the neighborhood of fifteen 1kg spool on this setup with no evidence of twisting due to the load on the frame, and have been very happy with the setup continuing to use it. I am sympathetic to your concerns as that was a consideration when I decided to go this route.

Will this work with the Hulk Braces like the original?

The Z bracket does not fit to the JABEX 1KG Filament roll - needet to grind some mm down so the roll can move.

But its a great fit on the top of the A8.

Make sure you do not have the Z bracket inverted. It is asymmetric top to bottom.

Fantastic! This is one of the best solutions for a top mounted spool that I've come across. Printed with no issues. Is it possible to get a parametric file for the brace? I'd like to remix and make it about 10mm wider.

Thank you! I printed all of the parts shown, and it is awesome! Great design!

I just made this solution (brace, arms, nut, bolt, axle). It fits the A8 perfectly. However, the first spool of filament I tried (Solutech) was too big in diameter to fit. The axle lacked about 10mm from being able to sit in the fork of the arms. The outside diameter of the spool rests on the brace. The spool is 20cm in diameter. Did I get the right files?

I measured 105 mm from the center of axle to the nearest contact on the holder. I posted a picture of this measurement. If the spool is 20cm, then you should have 5mm clearance.

Hmmm. Mine measures 98.4 mm. I printed my braces at an angle on the bed. That doesn't seem like it should have made a difference. Also, I printed a 20mm calibration cube that came out 20.1mm on each side so, if anything, I'm printing too big.

I measured the longest distance from one end of the brace to the other. It came out to 206mm (this is from tip to corner). Could you measure yours and see what you get please?

That is approximately what I have. I am wondering if you have the Z brace upside down. That would take up the clearance. I am pretty sure that is what you are experiencing. There is offset to clear the spool.

Yes! That was it. I didn't realize that the brace was not symmetrical. I had put it on correctly the first time, before installing a spool, but found that it interfered with the display ribbon cable less if I flipped it over.

Thank you for all of your help.

Where can I print the roller part?(the part that goes into the Filament)

It's linked in the post printing section under the thing details tab above.

The link is gone

JDubster43, look farther down in the post processing section. The link is there along with the link for the spool axle ends. Have a good day.

Comments deleted.

Are the brace's OK on 220 x 220 hotbed -laying front to back or do they need to turned on the diagonal?

I was able to lay all three parts on a 220 x 220 bed. The brace can lay front to back, and the holder brackets themselves also, with one of them being angled. I like to mirror opposite side parts, but it is not necessary to do so since they are identical.

Cool, that's exactly what I planned today at work, because I noticed the wobble too.

Thanks for the remix!

It's all fixed

Hold off for a day on the brace. I was operating today on memory and the span for the brace should have been 100mm and not 150mm. I will redesign it for 100mm tomorrow and post it up.