Ikea Lack Printer Enclosure - magnetless remix

by mrcerf Apr 4, 2017
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Is the title/item name editable on your end? It says "megnetless remix".

indeed. thanks :)

what is the size of the glass panel? I know the thickness is 2mm but I would like to know how big the width and height are. Thanks!

same as in original, 500x500mm

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I really like this design. After using it for the past month and running into some glue-related adhesion issues, I decided to remix it into one with the clips included in the main print.

I'm still learning as I go, but I used tinkercad to create a set of legs for 2.5mm 500x500mm plexiglass: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2730703

Thanks for the awesome design, I'll post some pictures of my finished product soon :).

Ikea Lack Printer Enclosure - Magnetless Remix All-in-One
by kurisun

Posted pictures of my finished cabinet in the I made it section, added another model to my remix that uses your clip design on the bottom so I could use this clip system to keep the plexiglass door closed tight.

Thanks again!

I love this design! Unfortunately, I don't need the leg extension for my printer. I am not familiar with Onshape. Since there is no variable tied to the height of the foot, is there an easy way to adjust it?

added variable for raising height. i would not suggest setting anything smaller than 5, though :) also, glass has to be different dimensions

Thank you!! I will use 10mm just to be safe, which also seems to make the two pieces be about the same size and balanced visually. Luckily the way you designed it I can figure out the glass dimensions after the main feet are printed.

I'm liking it, but I had to buy foam tape to cover the edges since the design leaves a gap and doesn't 'enclose' as well, but does enough to prevent drafts. I think a redesign so the bottom doesn't have the gap, still glues, the top doesn't have the gap, and the locking tab can be horizontal instead of vertical. I'll try to do this when I have time but mine won't be as good with the thickness adjustable like this one.

Wow this was great to be able to edit on onshape to any panel size. I found some extra paneling at work that already had insulation on them but they were 7.7mm thick so I edited it. What quality resoulution should I export the STL ?

think it does not really matter when printing rude geometry, as in this item :)

Don’t know if this help as I use Fusion 360 but when I export, I leave it at default medium quality. I can check setting when I get to my computer

I ended up using High on onshape, the size wasn't that much bigger which is acceptable. On Fusion 360 sometimes the difference is much bigger.

I see you removed the screw holes in your remix. How are you affixing these to the tables and legs?

screw holes? there is no screw holes also. no need to fix them, they are holding themselves.

Now that I look at it, I see it now. Thanks.

Another question. How much does this raise the table? I ask because I have z extensions on printer

I'm in the process of printing and building your remix of the IKEA Lack printer enclosure. Great idea with the magnetless.
Is support needed for the top-foot part, since they have some small "feet" sticking out at the top ?

top part yes, with supports

Having real issues printing the feet sections. I've made 2 but both of them the infill was not bonding correctly (sli3r, cubic infill @ 20%, 0.35 layer height). I then had a failed print due to the infill issue. I figured i needed to slow my print down somewhat which solved the infill issue but now after the foot is approx. 3 quarters the way through it became detached from the bed (something i've never had an issue with previously) so yet another failed print. Any advice on slicing settings to get the last two feet printed?

regarding these parts there is nothing special to suggest, common settings should be fine.
described problems are common 3d printing issues, a lot of information over the internet.
i printed at 0.2 height, 10% infill.


I'm interested in using these components on my lack enclosure. I'd like to use a 3mm thick plexiglass glass. I've not used onshape much (normally use inventor). I've changed the glass variable to 3mm and exported the stl. Is this all i need to change on the model to make suitable for a 3mm thick plexiglass? I can't really get my head around the tools to measure the what changes when changing the variable.

it should be enough. the little holder parts are the only things that are be changed in this case. should see by eye.

i have checked your copy in onshape. looks correct

Thanks, will hopefully be able to print over the next week or so. Will upload make once i get around to putting my lack hack together. Only increased to 3mm as i can get 3mm hardwood for the back which i want to incorporate a closable intake and exhaust fan system on that panel.

Why the gap between glass and table?

Do I need an account on that site to edit the glass thickness?

The magnet design was causing me issues so I'm glad this design was made!

yes, account is needed there.

Thanks, Just got it.. Does the foot print standing up without supports? I'd have thought it would have warped going across the gap?

printer should handle such bridges without problems

Thanks, I'll give it a go.

Thanks for the awesome design!

Still 500x500mmm ?

designed for same 500x500, yes.
might be possible to play around in onshape to get other sizes