FLSun Delta Effector for E3D V6

by ssikora Apr 5, 2017
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I posted a remixed one that was exported out of solidworks. Hopefully it fixes many of the issues people had.

Model loads in cura, however when sliced, only leaves pieces? Could really use this model, as I am trying to upgrade to e3d v6 and can't find a good model to use...

Let me know if the new remix helps

I apologize for not fixing the models. I will try to do so later this week. If the scaling is too large, scale them to.03937 to get them the proper scale.

Um, how do I scale these properly? The 2 shrouds and the holder are all WAY bigger than my bed. The Heatsink shroud is is 878 mm tall!

Well I figured out the proper scaling for the parts, but the effector is so full of holes it can't be printed. I tried 3 different slicers and 4 different programs to try and repair the mesh and I just can't make it printable. Any chance we can get the effector file fixed?

How did you scale this down? I see how to scale it to a certain percentage, but what percentage did you use?

Sorry I don't remember exactly. I just put in a piece that didn't need scaled from this or another effector and scaled it until the holes lined up. I also modified a part from a different effector to make it work with the switch correctly. I have some sort of Frankenstein effector now, but it works

Okay. Thanks for the reply.

I apologize and will see if I can heal the file and re-upload.

No worries. I modified the hot end holder slightly to fit the stock effector and it is working OK for now

What scaling did you find got you the right values?

there is some troubles with the effector itself , the mesh is not as it should be , can you look in to it or reupload the file


I will have to spend some time to fix the mesh. I can say that even though there are warnings, it prints fine as I am using it.

thx , i tried and see if i could slice in in both , S3D + Slic3r + Cura 2.4 and that didnt work


OK thank you for the feedback. I used matter control but I will definitely try to clean up the mesh this weekend.