E3D-v6 Dual Fan Cooling Duct for Prusa i3v - dhoyt.com

by dhoyt7141 Apr 5, 2017
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I'm looking for a cooling fan duct as compact as yours and I really like it but I have my complains with regards the orientation for the fan to keep the hotend cool. I don't get at all why it was needed to "angled up to prevent the bed and part cooling prematurely", as this fan just points to the dissipators. Could you please redesign just the hotend fanduct to be located as in your version 1 (vertical and close to the hotend)?

Thank you very much!

So just use version 1 then?

Greetings Friend!
I liked this support and I will adapt in my Anet A8 printer, in the files that you have available it does not have the base of the X axis that supports the extruder.
Could you give me this model?

could you do a version with 3 40mm fans? 2 on each side and 1 for the heatsink?

you could redesign for volcano.

Apologies but I do not have a volcano to take measurements from or test fit.

In regards to your update to provide a mirrored copy, most slicers will do that for you. That is what I did on mine. It is mirrored from the original.

Can you provide a little more detail as to how the part needs to be orientated for printing? Would it be possible for you to adjust the STL file so the part is in the correct orientation? Would really like to try this out, but not sure how to print it.

I will try to rotate the part when I get home today. In the meantime; it should be oriented so that the tallest point is the material nozzle duct and the top and bottom surfaces of the nozzle duct are parallel with the print bed. Simply put - print the part upside down from how it will be mounted on the E3D-v6 hotend.

Thanks. It seems it has to be rotated on two axis and without know the angles, it is just guessing. I think I have it orientated the way you describe, but not sure.

Thanks for bringing this to my attention. I have re-uploaded a new STL (same name) correctly oriented for printing. I recommend support material at around 25 degrees overhang.

Thanks. Will give it a try in a bit.

Got one printed last night and it fits on my CBot. I just need to mirror it to get the fans where I need them. There was a lot of support material to remove, as expected. I was curious as to what slicer you used and the support settings. I know you said support for overhangs of 25 degrees, but what about the other support settings?

I printed mine on a Zortrax M200 which comes with its own proprietary slicing software. I only had control over support material angle, material cooling fan speed, and infill amount.

If using Slic3r, Cura, or some other open source slicer, I would recommend something along the lines of:
-50~100% infill (you want it to be strong more than light weight)
-Use a Raft with ~.3mm air gap
-Support material at 25~35 degree overhangs, no support outline, and maybe 2mm spacing between supports

Let me know if you need additional help and if you can; what settings in particular you are needing help with.