Fully Printable Collective Pitch RC helicopter.

by tahustvedt Apr 5, 2017
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First of all congratulations. This is an amazing project!!! I would never imagine that it was possible to print so much of an RC helicopter... much less one entirely printed as your brilliant design. This is just engineering porn for my eyes :D

I would like to ask if you tried ABS as it is less dense and I think it should result in lighter parts. I understand the recommendation for PETG or Nylon for the hub parts but I think I could print all the other parts in ABS instead of PLA.

Hi, i printed Head 01 and it looks good but i have some problems with slizing Mainframe01.stl could you please send me stl file ? it seems that one is corrupted.

I uploaded a fixed file now.

Thanks a lot. :)

Can you add a pdf build step by step instructions please? Including wiring schematics and motors needed?

I'm totally fascinated by this helicopter! What a great work!

I have printed some RC planes so far and this will be my next project.

A question about the main motor. Which quadcoper motor did you use in the shaft removal description? I can't recognize it properly, but I believe it's a BR1806 2280kv, correct?
Did you cut of the threaded prop shaft completely? How did you fix the motor bell after the shaft has been pushed through?

Wow, that's really cool! Always wanted to try flying 4 bladed head)

Thank you.

Do you have the problem that the ball heads do not hold properly?


Hello hustvedt,

I still have questions about the tail rotor.

  • Did you fix the tail rotor with superglue?
  • Which direction of rotation does the tail rotor have?
  • How should the ESC (TURNIGY) be programmed for the tail rotor (Brake, Cutoff mode, Cutoff threshold, Startup mode, Timing)?



Superglue works, but you can install two small screws to let the motor have something to drive the rotor with.

Either direction of rotation works, but having the forward side of the tail rotor swing up into the downfroce of the main rotor will usually work best.

Turn off brake, cutoff. Startup quick and timing standard.

Hello hustvedt,

My construction is progressing.
Which pitch settings did you set?
With which tools did you adjust the pitch (pitch gauge)?
The rotor blades are so small. ;-)


I set up everything by eye. I have no idea how many degrees pitch is used. Whatever flies well. :)


Very good work!

The motor "NTM Prop Drive 13-12 2400KV / 40W", is no longer available from Hobby King.
Do you have an alternative?
Does "NTM Prop Drive 13-12 2600KV / 42W" work?



That motor probably works just as well.

Hi tahustvedt, I am trying to locate where the bearings 3x6x2,5 go as you mention that these are for the main shaft and from the exploded view image I cant see these bearings. Another concern is the main gear and pinion which from what I can see there is two types of main gears and pinions there is 3 in total. Can you please explain the difference about these. I am in the summer holidays and i am enjoying printing this heli.


Did you read the assembly notes? There are several different gears to give you different gear ratios to choose from.

The 3x6mm bearings go in the top and bottom of the shaft tube on the main frame. Break off the hollow top tube at the weak point first as that is there only to provide cooling time for the thin anti rotation pins in the rear when they print. Then insert the bearing in the top and bottom.

Understood completely regarding the bearings. Many thanks. Regarding gear ratios seems to be that the Gear 01 will apply more rpm to the head therefore I am going to print that.

Thanks a lot Tor. I am very keen to see the tandem heli here. I will keep you updated soon.

wow this is just amazing and unbelievable nice work keep it up......

hi first at all great job that you created =) if printet all parts fine get all parts of eletronic but my problem i habe is i dotn knew how to install all :/ because there is no manuell to install everything could you pls make a tutorial or a short video or somiting like to show us how wee geht a great helicopter as yours =)?? hope you have the thime so answare my questions ans have a nice day


Did you see the exploded vieo of the rotor head? https://thingiverse-production-new.s3.amazonaws.com/renders/a8/fc/cd/64/96/933b51b306a6f29177a5cc5dbd56e29a_preview_featured.jpg

The servo setup and rotor works just like any other flybarless CCPM head. It's not a beginner helicopter, so I think you'll struggle if you haven't built and flown a helicopter before.

Nice work!
I try to build it and it would be help full if you could take a picture from the bottom of your heli with front body and without it, just to be sure i made all right.
For the body part, did you really print it in that position? i get bad result for the 2 pieces from the rear body because of the print angle even in 0.1 mm layer.
I will receive my motors in 3 weeks and post my results if all works fine.

I have printed four bodies in the same position they open up from the download here. The rear parts don't come out perfect, but not too bad. You can add support if it's a problem. I have the Cobra cooler on my printer which is good for overhangs.

I added photos as you requested. The motor wires aren't connected in the photos as I replaced the motor when I used the old one for another project earlier.

Thanks for the kick answer and the 2 pictures!
I m impressed that you get a such good result without support.
I add some support in the middle and now it look s ok (still some small gaps near the end).

Could this be fitted with a flight controller like a quad? would you still need the flybarless gyro?

In the early days we used an ordinary gyro and the 120deg swashplate mixer of our TXes to fly tricopters. So the tricopter-mixer of betaflight, tri-flight, inav, ... should be able to control a true 120deg swashplate and a tail aswell. ;)

I assume that would work if you can program the quad controller to drive three servos in a 120° CCPM configuration, though I've never played with quad components myself. Quad controllers have the necessary gyros.

Well done great job. This is a perfect example of how to design build and fly a n RC helicopter. Would be nice to create a small manuals how to build it up. I have 9 Helicopters in which I never stop building servicing and maintaining them to the highest level as much as possible. Anyway well done and keep it up. Look forward for on with the tail pitch slider :D


I attached an exploded view of the head showing how it should go together.

Also some more text in the assembly notes and print instructions.