Hey! This thing is still a Work in Progress. Files, instructions, and other stuff might change!

PMA - Project Modular Aircraft

by Scorpio9999 Apr 5, 2017
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Wing span = 1640mm
Length = ???

Honestly speaking I don't remember. Something about 1400 mm.

What size servos do you use for this?
I might be going blind, but I can't seem to find what size servos you intended for this in any of your documentation.

Other than that, great job!
Test printed a wing section just for fun with 15% infill, and while it added about 30g I cannot break it with my hands.

I used 9g servos. TGY-50090M or HXT900 will be fine.

With infill it will not fly at all. Multiply on number of sections and you will see averall weight.
It should be empty inside with single shell. All ribs instead of infill already modelled.

Thanks for the quick reply!
I'm quite aware it won't fly with infill, it was just a test out of boredom to see how it would turn out structurally.

Adding just 15% to all sections like I did for just one would get something pretty close to adding a whole kilo if my gusetimate is right, lol.

Congrats for your top job! Printed all Parts 125%; want to finish the build real soon. Therefore it would be nice to know the length of the tailboom (from the 100% Version). On WingSite you use a 8mm boom, on TailSite a 6mm boom. Good idea to made it pluggable; but how u fix the plugged booms to make the connection rocksolid? ...thx in advance ;)

ps amazing would be if somebody could customize Wing-Part W3 in order to transforming the plane into an VTOL

I'm glad that somebody want to print it and fly.

You right, in wing tail boom is 8mm, in tail 6 mm. In my case I just glued them together.
I changed lenth couple times and ended up with 589 mm. First length was calculated as 4 wing chiords between wing and tail.
But I couldn't balance plane (tail heavy) and as solution added 120 mm fuselage section (orange as white PLA is ended) and cut tail booms (8 mm side to make them lighter).

I was thinking to make kind of collet for joining but it will affect airdynamics in bad way.

P.S. VTOL wasn't in list of my interests. Never tried them. If I correctly understood, your idea to mount two motors on wings. In this case need to modify last section of fuselage to turn motor on 90° as well. Probably main gear should be enlarged to add clearance.

P.P.S. In 125% version you need to modify last fuselage section for proper dimensions between holes for motor mount. All hinges designed to use 2mm carbon rod. Hardly you can find 2.5 mm rods. So, you should expect some troubles during assembling.

P.P.P.S. Your wing span should be 2050 mm. It could be biggest 3D printed aircraft in the world :)

thx for your quick reply mate ! Would like to keep in conversation to you. Some good ideas i wanna let u know, some things i wanna know. Cause your Plane give me so much inspiration ;) Are u on Facebook ?

ps did u know www.3dlabprint.com ? Printed some of these planes, right now the MIG-15. Believe me when i´m say that your Babe blow my mind much more than all of these superclean Planes.

You are welcome!

I don't use Facebook or Twitter. I used other social networks and only LinkedIn I use time to time to keep in touch with colleagues I worked with.

For RC models better to use rcgroups.com web site. Following is the link to my blog in it.

What do you think if I'll create a dedicated thread? Better to discuss ideas in public place instead of personal conversations IMHO.
I just created a new thread.

I know about 3dlabsprint.com. They sell their models.

In contrast my model is for free and moreover with source code in OpenSCAD.
I was inspired by SkyHunter but not only. Most planes if not all have fixed geometry. My idea to make it flexible. So, instead 180 mm wing section you can make 150 mm or two of 160 mm, or whatever. The same for tail and/or fuselage. For sure need to recalculate airdynamics for updated plane. I used XFLR5 for this.

P.S. I have a lot of ideas but haven't time for all of them.

With this plane you have done an excellent job. And what's more, all parts are parametric made with OpenScad.
I hope it will fly as good as it looks - as soon as possible!

This looks awesome with you, would love to see it fly.

Better later than never.
PMA - Maiden Flight

Hello F2 and F3 seem to be the same file 。

Thanks for finding. Proper F2.STL has been uploaded.