MK 3D Printer Full Printable Frame

by KRMICH29 Apr 5, 2017
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Is there enough wiggle room to fit a 220x220mm bed?

Mod idea:
Perhaps screw holes in the frame where the Z rods go...in case tolerances in printing are not so good...someone could tighten down with m3 screws and nuts
Example of a "tweak" I did...

I've build the printer with some additions. I'm using the T8x2 (it is trapezium screw) and Arduino Mega 2850 with Ramps 1.4+A4988. Can you send you verion of Marlin Firmware? So I can test it on the printer? I don't know which Configuration to make in Configuration.h etc.

Its a great design. I will add pictures when ready!

Add your email. Will send.

Is everything work good ?

Check Your e-Mail.

How did you connected the X parts? Did you used any nuts for it? he hole is greater than the threaded screws

I didn't use any screws just tight fit. The hole tight fit for threaded rod nut

wow this is amazing! cant make one but its still cool!

Updated Top Left to fit Extruder Motor.

I am slowly modifying the models post print to fit a Prusa i3 kit. It's pretty self explanatory on what needs to be changed to fit the i3. One problem I do have is the aluminum bracket (holds the extruder) that I use for the prusa i3 doesn't fit. Does anyone have any suggestions? Here is a change list for the frame to fit a prusa i3 kit.

  • Bace Front holes drilled all the way through for threaded rods

  • Super glue bace center right and left together

  • Super glue prusa i3 acrylic bed to printed one (use screws and the holes to line the bed up straight)

  • may need new belts and bearings

  • Bace front baring holder needs to be bigger (don't drill through the arms will brake) I used a long 2mm screw and a nut to hold it.

  • Drilled through the top sections to slide the smooth rods through. Do the top brace can keep the threaded rods in place.

I build this model for custom printer and not Prusa I3 Kit. This frame is look very similar to prusa but still its have different's. But will like to see the results. Little bit later i will post a list of parts that i will use for this printer when they will arrive.

I just wanted a little challenge and something to do over spring brake. I am just stuck on the extruder. But every thing else has gone beautifully. The changes I posted were what I did to modify the prints

Will like to see the results :)

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I have an experience only with makerbot replicator and this is my first reprap. So i don't really understand how affect unstable of z axis on printing. Currently i am waiting for all electronics and motors.. when it will arrive i will be more smarter about the issues that i have and how to fix them.
I belive that removing extruder feeding motor from x axis will improve stability.

Really cool idea. From my experience, it needs some more support for the vertical structure. The 8mm rod is very unlikely to keep the top structure stable when printing. Triangles, both sideways (X-direction), and lengthwise (Y-direction) will help. It may be tricky to manage, as you need more printing. Alternatively you could add solid sheets of something, but that defeats the 'Full Printable' concept. Just my 2c worth.

Well i have an idea to improve it. I will think about it... thx.

Updated Two Files Of Top Left and Top Right to fit bearing 608ZZ for threaded Rod.