Faceted Bowl and Vase

by billbo1958 Apr 5, 2017
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de vase zijn te dun ze breken altijd af

When I print either of these parts, in Cura I set my extrusion line width to 0.6 mm, with a layer height of 0.3 mm. (Even if you are using a 0.4 mm nozzle, you can print with a 0.6 mm line width.) This should make the parts much stronger.

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I posted a shelf that i designed around the Bowl as a Remix, hope this is fine by you, if not, let me know and I'll remove it!
Great design btw! Love the style!

Hi Turbo,

I love your shelf design; you have honored me with it. Please feel free to use any of my designs however you may like.


I really want a lid for the Bowl.

Translucent PETG is just amazing! Thanks for your design! This is the first print i had people ask me to get them one. I have to print 5 now, in translucent orange red and purple. :))

People seem to think its a 70s retro design. Was that intended?

Any particular brand you like for the PETG? I love the translucent red.

Actually, my prints were not made from PETG; all of my transparent prints were made from transparent PLA. The brand that I have been using is AMZ3D, which is available from amazon.com.

The 70s retro-look wasn't consciously intended, but perhaps it was in the back of my mind. I was really going for a cut-glass look with both of these designs.

Nice print, btw...

beautifull! printied it with regular red PLA. Will now try translucent orange PETG.

What filaments did you use for the bowl and vase in the pictures? I love the colors.

The filaments I used are AMZ3D Trans Green and Trans Red PLA; for my 'spiral bowls' I used AMZ3D Trans Blue. These filaments are available from Amazon. I really like these filaments, because they have a sort-of metallic sheen to them as well. If you can get them, I believe the transparent filaments from Hatchbox are very similar. (I also notice that the Hatchbox transparent filaments are often out-of-stock on Amazon.)

Did mine in S3D in Vase mode using PETG scaled down to 75% on a Anet A8. Turned out perfect. In fact I think it looks better in person then in photo. Great design may print another in a different color.

They look good in the pictures but I downloaded the files.... I opened the STL in Cura 2.4 and its printed as a solid object on a second attempt I removed the infill to Zero... still the same.
I am new to this and have no way to change the files other than Cura.
What am I doing wrong?

In Cura 2.4, in the Print Setup pane, expand the 'Special Modes' settings, and check the box next to 'Spiralize Outer Contour'. This will basically print the bottom of the bowl, and then print the sides of the bowl in one continuous filament stream while simultaneously and continuously moving the z-axis. Before you print, I also recommend setting your line width (under the Print Setup 'Quality' settings) to 0.6mm, your layer height to 0.3mm, and under the Shell settings, set the Outer Wall Wipe Distance to 0mm.

They do look good in the pictures. I will try them on my wanhao d4s.