Qu-bd Oneup / Twoup Bearing holder for extruder

by lonuf Jan 10, 2014
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Did anyone else have much trouble getting the belt to attach like I did?

Yes. That's why I made my remix with the teeth that extend further out.

Printed great, bearings snap in awesome, but I can't see any way to make this work with the stock extruder. The two screws that hold the hot end in place are in the way.

Could you possibly provide the source files for this? I'm using the lifted backing plate to gain some Z, it works great, however:

  • it's in 1/10 scale and needs to be scaled up before printing
  • the zip tie slots aren't angled like in the other ones, so they don't print well
  • the belt clamp is a bit too short

Other than that, it's very robust and I haven't had any problems with it.

The one to raise the extruder an inch if I am looking at it correctly actually lowers the extruder by an inch, doesn't it?

If you look at it upside down, yeah

Gee you don't say... I was thinking it was upside-down based on the orientation of the bearing holders, thinking that the top bearing holder would want to cradle the back of the bearing more so it wouldn't swing down. After printing it the hold is good enough that it doesn't really matter so you could use it in either orientation.

What would it take to modify the upper to be a lower?
I got my OneUp and the part YEXTRUDERMOUNT_r5 - BTM broke during assembly.. :(

Great design! This helps so much, but I'm having a problem. I use this with the replacement X-gantry and by attaching the belt to the teeth in this holder it's pulling the belt and causing rubbing.
Any chance you could extend the teeth another 3mm towards the back of the printer? I'm specifically interested in the no-zip tie version.

Thanks for the mounting plates. The scale of the LIFTED_BACKING_PLATE.stl is still about 10 times too small.

If it is just a stock replacement and you do not want zip ties it is.

Is "extruder_backing_plate_stockno_zip" currently the correct file to print?

Scale issues fixed. (no zip) file has the center holes/slots deleted. The original file should print with less support now but it may still have some.

When I go to print it, the scale is tiny. Could you scale these to mm so that they fit the printer? I'd hate to guess wrong...


If you're doing the mounting plate, and the two clips, I'd suggest adding http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:218670http://www.thingiverse.com/thi... as well, then it can all be one piece that snaps to the linear bearings and holds onto the belt.

QU-BD 2Up Extruder Belt Clamp

I like this idea, I had trouble getting the belt to attach and this would have made it much easier if it was incorporated into the design. But now that I am thinking about it how cool would it be if a belt tensioner was also incorporated? I have poor modeling skills but I will try and build one that allows for a hinged belt clamp so you can attach the belt by swinging the clamp closed and bolting it down and a adjustable belt tentioner like this (http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:260111) built in. Then I think it would be perfect.

Belt tensioner.