Nintendo Switch Arcade Cabinet

by SSilver2k2 Apr 12, 2017
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Thank you for the files but I can't see the one svg file with the holes on it so i can use my laser and make one please

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With that Tekken fighter joystick announced, might be time to incorporate that into this, haha

No kidding. i've already preordered the HORI fight stick.

does anyone have the dimensions? i dont have a 3d printer so i want to use wood stock to DIY my way to this. i took the file into cad and since i am not too familiar with cad, i am not sure how to change the units to inches so it would be great to get this dimensions labeled. thanks in advance for any help!

I have added the dimensions to the instructions. This is meant to be laser cut, not 3D printed.

Thanks silver. I don't have the means to buy something like the gloforge right now and wait 3 months but I am transferring the dimensions to elmers foam core using a 16" combination square. I would gladly pay you and for shipping if you could send me a set using black acrylic or perhaps Eva foam? I would rather pay you than the person on Amazon. If I am able to post photos of my attempt I will.

Hi, how can i open and print with my 3d printer this files? I can't open with Repetier and Cura. Thank You

um its a file for Lazer Cutters


In the pics you have one on the far left that has holes for buttons. Is that version included in the files you have here? I'm going to take them to a local place to be printed and I really want that version as I'm going to gut an 8bitdo controller and use it to make actual working arcade controls for it.

Give me a day. I have another revision to upload that includes a back plate.

The joystick / button holes are not in the file. I will add one. Great idea to use an 8BitDo! The new firmware is supposedly Switch compatible.

Also if you want I can laser cut a set out for you.

Really?? That'd be amazing! How much would it cost/where would I send payment?

Can you make a .stl file please? How can open the svg file? Thanks

lol this is so clever. if there was a way to make my dock look like this i would certainly print xD