Robo3d R1 Titan

by xLORDxSIDIUSx Apr 8, 2017
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Hi can you send me the robor1+ firmware very please thanks

@ Bleezer1, The firmware is in the downloads.

Have you printed anything tall with it? I'm trying to figure out if I want to do Titan or Beast. Beast seems more stable to me due to the nature of it being less parts and minimizing the chance of wobble. Titan is faster to make and can be modded to whatever size.

Have yet to print anything super tall... but you will be shocked with how rigid this thing is. I added a solid z hight stablizer... just for good measure. Dont think z banding will be an issue on either machine.


Robo 3D Z Axis Stabilizer

I'm probably gonna go with your design since it saves on filament, allows more access to the bottom area for troubleshooting without removal, and from the vid, looks like your PVC holders are still going strong!
Thanks a bunch for the visual updates!

I can also post a copy of my firmware updates if needed. I added the e3dv6... the lcd, and changed the z hight limit.

That would be great! My RoboR1 was preowned but it came with an e3v6 along with ROBO3DRIV3 installed. I have a regular smart LCD installed on it and it works without me having to change anything since I got it 2 years ago. Does the firmware have to be changed if I'm using simplify3d? Or is it for when I'm not using with a PC?
Other than the lead screws, it should all be about the same but I'd rather be safe than sorry.

The firmware changes are to increase the max temp of the hotend to 300c (but its not necessary). It also changes the max z hight to whatever you determine (i think mine is currently at 550mm). As for simplify 3d.... no changes are needed.

Still, I'd like to use your Firmware if you're willing to share it!

added the firmware... let me know if you need anything else.

Awesome... Just Awesome..
Add this and you really have a Beast x2
then you can start printing lawn chairs! For VERY skinny people that is.

Pergo VER 2 Robo3D R1 (and plus) true 370 mm Y rails upgrade
by Pergo

I saw your design. I love it. do you think the Y could be increased further... say to 500mm?