by skuibreaker Apr 8, 2017
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To all who care this thing really works and the remote cooling fan is blowing thru 3/4" surgical tubing I found on ebay. I last printed this trex skull 6 months ago & I noticed some bad rings or whatever you call it. I think maybe their is some resonance & excess vibration possible my belts have gone bad. I have been lazy and haven't printed with it for quite some time hopefully I will get it figured out soon.

What about changes in travel range compared to stock? Did you lose any x/y/z travel? Do you have links to the pillow blocks you mentioned on aliexpress you've tried here?

damn looking at thingiverse view of the fan duct tube mount it appears the custom support is out of position!!!

What material to you recommend this be printed in?

Any update on this? Looking to upgrade my duplicator 6 but not sure if this is ready yet. Do you find the e3d works a lot better than the mk11?

I have been very lazy with 3d printing lately , I have been working on so many other things, I know I have a big design update that would mean using the square nut idea but just haven't installed it yet.

seems great. Did you print with it and if yes did it make a difference (vs the stock MK11) ?
Thanks !

will get this finished once and for all very soon I know the parts are good just my printer & other printer have been down for a long time,, finally got the mmu 2.0 working on my prusa so now I can print these parts with the precision they deserve/need

I know I have to get it installed & working, now that I got it perfectly printed out.

Hi, more pics please

great work! got any photos? im looking to overhaul my zortrax to get this to work. It would solve alot of issues im having. ie cost, getting spare parts and lack of support for flexible filaments!

I have been out of the game for a long time but I just got my other printer working again so I will get my d6 duplicator working now with these latests parts before 2019

I will post a video of this actually working as soon as I fix the clamp tolerances and mounting holes.

I will get a this assembled and working before the end of december I promise will post video too

Any update as to how ready this is to print and assemble? also what Material did you print the gantry out of? and what size bearings did you use? thanks.

same bearing as d6 did use two square nuts printed with polymaker PC but you can print most of it with pla except fan duct & clamp/ir senor mount

Hello, dear friend!

Do you have any updates for it?

Also, can you please make photos of your printer, i very interest - how looks extruder and how it was mount. How looks cooler mount (start of rubber pipe).
Maybe you have another modifications something else in this printer? Changes in electric/electronic part?

I very want to refinded this printer to maximum, because after a year of headcache due problems with cooling hotend radiator, with cooling of model, melting of model under huge hotend. I came to think that original hotend is something like vendor lock-in product (in original zortrax of course). I can't to belive that engeneer who make it, didn't know that he doing.
Also when I saw overheated gantry with hot bearings - i was shocked. This construction - a time bomb, becase I got stucks (jams) with melted fliament after ten or above hours of printing because of that. Systematically.

God bless, other parts of this device is pretty good. I remain hopeful to get good results after change to e3d with your gantry.

(sorry for my english)

ahh! shit wait I do have an update I have got to find the CAD file but I have a new design that offsets the extruder in an effort to zero out the x & y offsets & allow the IR sensor to more in the center further decreasing the work load when setting up the mesh bed leveling perimeter constraints or something to that effect. Adding pictures of some bridging test i did & the new block I hope to finish & test. I remember now because i had to basically redesign the whole thing all over again due to the offset extruder.

I have some resonance in my printer & have been very lazy about fixing it. I think it might be the belts or something.