LM8UU-Style Bearing / Bushing Holder

by MattKi Apr 9, 2017
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please provied a version with holes capable of mounting m4 nuts
i'm not a friend of screwing into plastic :)

Hi pooter,

I've created a variant with filename ending _nuts if you'd like to try it. I'd suggest making a single print first to see whether it'll actually be rigid enough for your purposes. Introducing a nut channel in the part leaves some unusual interior spaces so I'm not certain that it would print perfectly. I've also removed the hole through from the nut space to the top of the part which might mean you need to change the screw length. If you have any other suggestions feel free to write back.

I printed the holder and replaced the metal ones from my Anet A8. Unfortunately the y endstop was not triggering anymore. That's why I designed an rised y endstop holder. MattKi, this thing is linked in the description. Perhaps you could like mine to in yours. Seems usefull.

y endstop holder for Mattkis bearing holder

Is it normal that the sink (I hope this is the right word) is a little longer than the bearing? So at the left and/or the right side of the bearing is a little empty space and the bearing is able to move to the left and the right.

Hi spigandromeda, There are two versions currently uploaded. The original file which has a slightly narrower recess for the bearing to sit in and a revised version created at the request of nnm4me which will have a little extra length in that recess and a small change to make the part a little taller to place the bearing slightly further from the surface it's attached to.

I would have thought that the extra space in the revised version is unlikely to cause a problem as the position of the carriage or bed is dependant upon the timing belt which is driving it rather than the individual positions of the bearings.

Works great, but...

  1. Can you add the same model but with 0.1/0.2mm wider internal hole to avoid drilling/sanding to make more loose ?
  2. On Anet A6 this thing causes to Y-axis STOP doing its work - because it's LOWER than standard aluminium LM8UU holder. So can you add another design with 1 side exactly as standard aluminium LM8UU ?
    Thanks a lot !

Hello nnm4me,

Thanks for the feedback. I've created a modified version if you wish to try it. I've tried lengthening the hole that the bearing sits in slightly and moved the center of that hole up by 0.6mm.

I hope that these changes will allow the design to work better with your A6. Please download the "deeper" version.

Thanks, man ! Will try it.