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Adventures in 3D Printing

by wenshidi, published

Adventures in 3D Printing by wenshidi Jan 11, 2014


This is a PDF version of my latest book on 3D printing. The past year has been very exciting, and I really wanted to share as many of my AM related experiences and experiments as possible. If you are just starting out with 3D printing, then I hope that this book will help you avoid a lot of the stupid mistakes that I made with my Makerbot. If you are a veteran of the field then I hope that my quirky and contrarian take on things will inspire you to try some similarly unconventional approaches.

This book is completely self published and was written without the extensive support and back up of the large publishing houses that I am used to. It is therefore certainly not as polished as Hod and Melba's 'Fabrication', or Kirk Hausman's recently released '3D Printing for Dummies.' The main advantage of doing it by myself was that I did not have to answer to a big company editor, and could therefore be quite controversial in parts. Mine is a much more personal take on the subject, and although it might not appeal to more conservative purists, it should strike a chord if you are a hobbyist or home tinkerer like myself. The book features a wide range of industry pioneers, both printer builders as well as end users, all making some very interesting products. Their cooperation was invaluable in putting this book together and I hope that you will support their work if you possibly can.

This book is also available at Amazon.com in Mobi format for Kindle Readers as well as a traditional paper version.

Adventures in 3D Printing by Christopher D. Winnan

In both cases I have tried to keep the cost as low as I can. If you enjoy the PDF version then I hope that you can help me spread the word about the two retail versions. Although I am keen to share, a man has still got to eat. Please feel free to pass this PDF version of the book along to anybody that you think might enjoy it. If you have access to a Makers' Club or Hackerspace, then please consider posting the attached promo sheet on your message board. If you would like to make the download available on your website then that is cool too. If you could send me a link, then that would be great.

Although my first book on the subject, '3D Printing -“ The Next Technology Goldrush' is still receiving positive reviews, being nearly a year old, it is quickly becoming rather out of date.


This is a very fast moving technology after all. I uploaded that book onto various torrent trackers last year, but I would be happy to put a copy up here if enough people are interested.

I am afraid that I do not have any translations available just yet, although there is a distinct possibility of a Mandarin version soon, and a French version later in the year.

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This is noting more than an advertisement for a book. It does not belong here, and I am flagging it.

I put it on grabcad lokilaufeysen

I am pleased to see that so many people have downloaded, and are enjoying this pdf. I hope that you all have as much fun reading it as I did researching it. At the same time, sales of the mobi and paper versions have spiked enormously since I posted here, and this just goes to show that idea of lost sales due to filesharing is a complete fallacy. The reality is that every single reader is a potential ambassador and should therefore be treated with respect, not as criminal pirates. My deepest thanks to all of you for helping to spread the word.

="tothe:disqus" href="http://disqus.com/Tothe/Tothe I fully agree that self publishing is the way forward. One book that influenced me greatly in my research was Kevin Carson's Homebrew Industrial Revolution. I would highly recommend his book and you can get a PDF version here:

How do I customise this advertisement?

thanks for putting it in customisables it is so cool

Free books are the future. The best non-fiction books I have read have been offered as free PDF files, Self-publication is as much the future as home microfactories, and free books are the same future as free .stl files.

Good book, thanks for sharing.

if you plan to put your older book here i would love to download it from your source, not some torrent.