Speed Loader (5 Round) .38 Special / .357 Magnum

by sthone Apr 9, 2017
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The small stub on the end of the knob keeps breaking on the one I made.
I think the tolerances may be to tight when I print it.

You could always try resizing it smaller maybe.

I think what I will do is make the cylinder bigger, as rounds do not fit easily without sanding.

Didn't work out, but I found a good use for them! lol

What did you make this in? If fusion360 would it be possible to get the f3d file? I want to make some of these for a S&W 500 which I believe is an X-frame

Sorry it was made in Onshape

How loose should the rounds fit in the holder? It looks like when you turn the handle (cam) it should lock onto the flange of the casing. Mine is not locking in the rounds. I might have to try scaling it down, maybe 99 or 98%.

The round should be loose enough so they slide in and out of the loader pretty easy. Make sure you have the lock inserted correctly. You shouldn't have to scale anything.... (but I guess that could depend on how well your printer prints)

Thank you!!! This thing rocks. I have printed 4 of them and they work great :]

is it supposed to turn?
im confused, making one for my friend lol

No... Just the black knob on top turns (about an 1/16 of a turn) to release the rounds.

Rounds are inserted into the speed loader and the knob is turned to lock them in place. After firing the rounds in the cylinder of the firearm, you open the cylinder and the spent casings are ejected and you can then insert live rounds into the cylinder all at once with the speed loader. You then twist the knob to release the rounds, remove the loader, close the cylinder, and continue shooting. This is a much faster way to reload then inserting the live rounds one at a time... hence the term "Speedloader".

I think the lock knobs are in inches and cura make it into millimeters.

As a quick workaround, If you import a file into Cura, and it's way too small, you can try scaling it up on all axes by a factor of 25.4, as there are roughly 25.4 millimeters in 1 inch.

What software do you use to make the GCODE?

I use Simplify3d

These work wonderfully with my Smith 637-2 j frame. Any interest in making a 6 hole version? They do need a little sanding to get things working smoothly but once they are broke in they work like a champ.

Speed Loader (6 Round) .38 Special / .357 Magnum
by sthone

Probably wouldn't be to hard to modify my existing design to be a 6 rounder I'd be willing to give it a go but I don't own one... do you know the center to center spacing of a 6 shot cylinder ?

hi how much should i scale the retainer it is tiny. btw looking forward to trying this and is it very simple to put together?

Yes it is a small part... but you shouldn't have to scale anything everything is printed as it is.

It's pretty simple to put together. There are little notches in the retainer that line it up to the body. The lock might take a little bit of trial and error to align but it's just held together with one screw. Pre-tapping the hole in the lock for the screw will make thing easier and keep the part from cracking.

Oh ok I'll have to retry it because when I put it into cura it's like 2mm barely visible lol

My guess is the other parts were designed using millimeters and the retainer was done in inches. I wonder what software people are using to print this out that autocorrects it for them.

I just uploaded a new STL of the Retainer so hopefully that fixes any issues your slicer was having with it.

Thanks! it does.

Everything was designed in inches... what issue are you having?